Are you a serious gay writer?  Do you care deeply about gay issues and equal rights?  Do you have a passion for all things queer?  If you do then this project might be a good place for you.  You can join our budding band of bloggers and get access to thousands of readers all over the world each and every week.  Be a part of this project and help us build of truly unique blog thriving with good gay content.  We don’t have any deadlines, ridiculous quotas, or software to download.  You can post your blogs on your own time table from the privacy of your own home and you have complete editorial control of your content.

Here are our posting guidelines:

  1. Please proofread AND spell check your work
  2. We prefer original work, or at least original commentary
  3. When quoting other sources please credit and link back to them
  4. Don’t use profanity just for profanity sake, or worse, shock value
  5. Please use the MORE tab after the first paragraph of your post
  6. Take time to read, comment, and “like” other Queer Landia blogs
  7. Please don’t settle personal scores in your blogs
  8. Make sure your blogs fit somehow into our mission and theme
  9. You agree to add our blog to your Gravatar profile on WordPress
  10. Don’t forget to have fun when your blogging!

Check out our mission and read some of our blogs and if you think you can help us build this site into something we can be super proud of then fill out the form below and submit a 100 word blurb on any gay topic of your choice  There is a small, non-refundable $40 annual membership fee to join ($20 for college students and $60 for couples).  We use PayPal to invoice through email.  You don’t have to be a PayPal member to pay your membership fee.  All fees go directly to supporting the site.

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