GTA: San Andreas Towards iOS and Android!

Amazing indeed, to see how quick the device as small as a smartphone or tablet is now able to produce a much more robust capabilities than the previous two generations a great console. With technology advancing so rapidly this is, a device that was originally only designed to build communication has now become one of the best door to enjoy a variety of multimedia content available, including gaming. Not just to get games that are built for him, the mobile market was also transformed into a port for a myriad of major franchise in the past. One of them? Grand Theft Auto.

After the success of GTA III and GTA: Vice City mobile version which was released some time ago, Rockstar finally confirmed a mobile port project to another. Now turn one of the phenomenal series that could bring a lot of new gameplay innovations in the GTA franchise – GTA: San Andreas. The mobile version of this game will be launched in December 2013, although Rockstar itself has not given a definite release. GTA: San Andreas mobile will come with improvements in the visuals, characters and also a new vehicle variant. Not only Android and iOS, it will also be released for Windows Phone and Kindle and get GTA 5 on .
Following the previous series, Rockstar will release GTA: San Andreas for the mobile market – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle December. Not just a port, Rockstar will also improve existing visual side.

Unfortunately, Rockstar itself has not provided detailed specifications of smartphones and tablets such as what is recommended for GTA: San Andreas this mobile version. Interested?

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