God of War Developer Move to Crytek

Most gamers hack and slash fans certainly familiar with the name of the God of War franchise -one of the best exclusive Sony. Not only popularized the QTE as an integral part of the genre of hack and slash, God of War also made the cinematic side as selling points that can not be underestimated. Through the cold hands of Sony Santa Monica, Sony getting spearhead effective to make the Playstation 2 and Playstation as one of the most desirable gaming platform. Imagine if such power in synergy with other developers do not lose quality – Dragon ball z dokkan battle. Strength is ayng taken by Todd Papy figure HillĀ  Climb .


Todd Papy no doubt, is one of the backbone that managed to make God of War as an iconic franchise. Not only the director who led God of War: Ascension, she also became a major design director for God of War 3. After confirmation of his departure from Sony Santa Monica, Papy confirmed that he has now joined the publisher best known and ryse Crysis – Crytek. Unfortunately there has been no confirmation of what the project would involve the talents of this Papy and get Dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce .
The backbone menggawangi God of War: Ascension and God of War 3 – Todd Papy officially joined Crytek.

With the end of the story has been the release of Crysis and ryse: Son of Rome to the market, then only stayed one Crytek projects that may require the ability Todd Papy. Absolutely, we’re talking about Homefront 2. What is this project being the center of attention, or Crytek still has another surprise project with Todd Papy as its main backbone? We’ll wait.

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