EA Admits Victory Football Manager – Remove FIFA Manager

Football has become the most popular sport in the world. With hundreds of millions of viewers around the world who watched every big game there, football is also grown to become an integral part of the gaming industry. For gamers who love the game of real-time, two major franchise – FIFA and PES into two camps that offer a competitive answer to these needs. While for those who love the strategy, manage the team, and organizing the players, the game industry also offers two major franchise – from Sega Football Manager and FIFA Manager of EA. If you belong to one lover game like this, you are unlikely to have two more options in the future. Why? EA officially “resigned”.

Once released over the past 13 years, EA Sports has finally officially deadly FIFA Manager as a franchise, which means there will be no more new series will be released in the future. Through an official blog, Gerald Kohler – the creators of the game have stated that the investments made by the EA is no longer comparable to what can be produced by FIFA Manager. On the other hand, he also admitted that the popularity of the series competitors – Football Manager could not be matched again and acknowledge the dominance of the franchise of Sega. Because of this, it becomes rational decision to eliminate the release of FIFA Manager of EA Sports forum.
After 13 years working in the game industry, EA has finally admitted the dominance of the franchise competitors – Football Manager. The popularity and sales can no longer compensate, EA finally decided to turn off their FIFA Manager franchise and get FIFA 17 hack on here http://fifa17hackz.com .

However, Kohler still ask the fans to continue to be loyal and build a community of FIFA Manager with consistently improving existing quality. So? FIFA Manager goodbye and welcome to the monopoly of Football Manager in the genre this one!

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