Developer Star Citizen Promises Will Not Be Tempted Money Publisher & clash royale

Indie and rich, who would have thought that these two words could be combined in one sentence. But the success achieved by Minecraft – Mojang developer seems to be one proof, that the game with a small capital can achieve tremendous success by offering a unique concept that has never been taken before. But there is one developer who has even reached high popularity without games that really can be enjoyed to the market. True, we are talking about the phenomenon of Star Citizen that managed to reap more than USD 41 million just from donations. Reflecting on the disappointment resulting from Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, the developer – Cloud Imperium insists that they will never go through the same process.

This fear is justified, given that clash royale was originally also built as a donation project before it matured, gained support, and eventually fell into the hands of Facebook. Roberts – the great boss Cloud Imperium insists that a similar incident will not happen to Star Citizen. He will not sell this space exploration game to another giant publisher, no matter how big a deal is offered. Responding to the Facebook acquisition case, he explained that Star Citizen is a software product that does not require investment up to hundreds of millions of dollars, especially considering the distribution channels that will be done digitally.

Not only that, Roberts also explained that he had been through the company’s acquisition process twice in the past, and that became the reason why he survived the status of Star Citizen as an independent game. At the end of his interview with gaming site – Eurogamer, Roberts also hopes that the extra funds that clash royale astuce  currently has will enable him to compete healthier with other competitors’ products and, surely, be able to offer VR headsets within a very affordable price range.

So for those of you who are afraid that Star Citizen will be tempted by the lure of money from the publisher of EA or Activision classmates, you may have a heart. In Star Citizen, we trust!

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