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Reference #9!

andorraparliamentI was poking around our stats and numbers on QL today and I came across something really cool that kinda made my day.  I discovered today that we were footnoted and cited as a reference in a Wikipedia article!  The lucky author was our very own Travis Acreman and it was on a post he did in June of last year.

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Billy Crystal pays tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys

So I think this will be my last official post on QL about Robin Williams.  He’s been put to rest and with everything in me I hope he finds the peace that escaped him here.  I missed the Emmys this year but I heard there was this tribute.  I watched it and I decided I wanted to post it along with some of my final thoughts…

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Join our new email newsletter

Starting this week, we are moving our direct email list.  This is going to be a big endeavor but it’s definitely time.  Our email list is just too big to continue to handle manually.  We have needed to go back to an opt-in email format for a while but testing different email systems just took longer than expected.  We’ve settled for now on Constant Contact for our direct email list needs and we’re super excited and motivated to get it all done so we can move on to migrating QL to the downloadable version of WordPress.

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Spanish Beauty Queen Comes Out

I love a good beauty pageant, despite the multitude of controversy that surrounds them. While there are aspects of the competition that objectify women, it also allows for women to promote their passions and ideals. Spanish beauty queen, Patricia Yurena, recently came out of the closet via an Instagram post.

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True Blood: Final season disappoints to the bitter end


This past Sunday the finale episode (titled “Thank You”) of the final season of True Blood aired. And If you couldn’t tell what I thought of it by the title, I’ll tell you again. It was bad. Disappointingly, time wasting-ly terrible. It was bad and the writers should feel bad.

Okay, with that out of my system I’ll tell you why it was bad. And there will be spoilers.

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7th grader locates fungus infecting those affected by HIV/AIDS


Anne Maben/Courtesy of LA County Science & Engineering Fair

This is some amazing news! A fungus that causes deadly infections and has been responsible for up to one-third of AIDS-related deaths has now been located. People living in Southern California have been getting sick from the fungus (called Cryptococcus gattii) for years, but nobody exactly new how.

It was suspected the fungus grew on trees, and Duke University postdoc Deborah Springer, who studies c. gattii, didn’t have the time figure out which ones.That was until Springer got in contact with then-7th grader Elan Filler, who was looking for a science fair project.

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Green Inspiration

Green Inspiration

Got to give it up for Sugarhouse Park. I come here for inspiration and the landscaping =)) Best advice of my week.

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