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The Imitation Game nails it for sure

cumberbatch the imatation gameThe Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is probably one of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time.  As usual Cumberbatch was compelling in his performance and portrayal of the brilliant, and equally tormented, Alan Turing.  Turing was credited with leading the effort of cracking the Nazi secret code machine known as Enigma during War World II.  He was also a very closeted gay man.

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Harsh reality is better than false hope

dowton abbey season 5 episode 6

So I had a chance to get caught up on the current season of Downton Abbey over President’s Day weekend and wanted to post a blog on a snippet from Season 5:  Episode 6.  I’ve always been intrigued by the gay character Thomas Barrow and I wish they did more with him for sure.  If you’re not current on this episode you might not want to read my post.  **SPOILER ALERT**

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Echo the wolf shot dead in Utah


This made me really sad.  What give Utah!?  Geesh.  Echo, a female gray wolf, who made a historic trip from the Gran Canyon last year was shot dead by a rancher in Utah who says he mistook her for a coyote.  Sad face.  :-(

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Naked As We Came


I’ve been trying to work in more gay flicks in my Netflix rotation as of late.  Partly because I want to support and represent but it also gives me more content ideas and inspiration for Queer Landia.  This blog post is about Naked As We Came written and directed by Richard Lemay.

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I hate the closet


I hate the closet.  I really do.  Some mistakenly think it is a place of safety and security.  It is not.  Secrecy and relegating yourself to live in the shadows is just darkness and could mean death to your soul at some point in your guarded future.  Living life in the closet is not living at all.  Living under the thumb of fear and shame disables you from living a full and free life and it’s a sheer tragedy that so many people still try it.

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