Call of Duty: Ghosts in the PS4 and Xbox One

Now I have a lot of game titles available in two brand-new game console, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even so, there is one name that is successfully making the gamer impose his choice as one of the first game they play in both the console.

Call of Duty: Ghosts managed to make a good start since its emergence in the PS4 and Xbox One despite having to compete directly with a First-Person Shooter (FPS) are also more popular, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.

Activision announced that COD: Ghosts into a game with multiplayer Xbox One of the most widely played and the highest sales in North America and the UK. As for the PS4, this game is the best-selling well in North America.

The data obtained from several well-known retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. Problem its multiplayer, there are more than 1 billion battle multiplayer mode that has been played by 2.2 million 3.3 trillion prestige and experience points.
Ghosts managed to position itself as the best selling game in the release of the Playstation 4  and get Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle game.

So, what makes it able to surpass Battlefield 4? Most likely many reports problems that occur even after the release of the patch makes gamers refrain from directly buying Battlefield 4, especially the PS4 version you can visit  Dokkan Battle hack.

Endless when talking about the competition between COD series and Battlefield series. Each has its own advantages, especially in the eyes of the fanboy faithful support over the years. At least, until now COD: Ghosts is the winner in the next-gen consoles. How about you? If you later buy the Xbox One or PS4, which game would you choose first?

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