Bandai Namco Cancels New VR Game Demo – Summer Lesson

You who had followed the game news for the last few weeks would not be too familiar with the name “Summer Lesson”. Although he did not offer the hype of Bloodborne or Persona 5 that finally confirmed to the Playstation 4 some time ago, Summer Lesson attracted its own anticipation. How come? He became the first step of a great publisher to get into the realm of virtual reality, of course through the latest peripherals being developed Sony – Project Morpheus. Although it still does not offer significant details, Summer Lesson has shown a bit of the gameplay aspect that positions you in the room of a cute girl who will interact with you. No wonder, if many are curious about what this game has to offer and get dragon ball z dokkan battle.

The answer to that curiosity is supposed to be remedied in the upcoming 2014 TGS event, given Bandai Namco’s promise to include a demo of Summer Lesson there. But unfortunately, Summer Lesson will continue to be a mystery. In its latest statement, Bandai Namco announced that the demo Project Morpheus was canceled demonstrated in Asia’s largest game exhibition event.
Unfortunately, Bandai Namco canceled the Summer Lesson demo in the upcoming 2014 TGS. The reason? Just a technical issue.

The reason? Apart from the controversy that had enveloped this game because the outline of the theme that carried, not this problem which is the reason for the cancellation of the demo of Summer Lesson. Just a technical issue. Bandai Namco mentions that this demo can not be done because of the limited space capacity and the difficulty to balance the attention with other game content they offer. Katsuhiro Harada – the designer mentioned that the Summer Lesson demo will last for 5-6 minutes. Assuming only one dragon ball z dokkan battle hack on .


can be offered by Sony, one day TGS 2014 will only facilitate 50-70 people. The numbers are of course minimal when compared with the number of visitors TGS 2014 every day.

So when will we be able to see more “lunge” Summer Lesson in the future? Harada stated that Bandai Namco is planning to organize their own event, although it is unclear when. Well, can not wait to see the lesson ..

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