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England Passes Same Sex Marriage Bill

Any piece of legislation in the UK must jump through several hoops before it gets passed into law. Including, several ‘readings’ in the house of commons, debating, reports and committee stages. It then has to go through the same process in the house of lords. Then back to the house of commons for a final run through any amendments, before getting passed up to our dear old queeny for signing into law.

I am over the moon to announce that the same sex marriage bill has successfully gone through the house of lords today. Which means – thats it…. it WILL be law. In a blink of an eye, Queeny will be passing it into law, and by 2014 I will be able to marry my wife!

We had a civil partnership last year and will be one of the hundreds of thousands of LGBT partnerships converting as soon as possible.

I have noticed that France and New York have been celebrating their same sex marriage passings in a very public way….imjhgages 945614_10151741708633112_1902902684_n

Personally I am hoping that they either light up ‘Big Ben‘ the houses of parliament, or even better, ‘Buckingham Palace‘ !! but something tells me were still a tad conservative for that!!

UK Publishes Same Sex Marriage Bill



After the same sex marriage consultation a few months ago, the UK government has FINALLY published the same sex marriage bill. Which, for interest you can find here, and a BBC article about it here.

Alas, I personally find it woefully inadequate, and a fairly conservative attempt at enforcing LGBT equality in the UK, but… at least we have progress.

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Should same sex marriage be taught in schools?

If you have ever needed motivation to become an LGBT activist, this video, right here, is it…

Should same sex marriage be taught in schools? Was a question asked on one of the biggest day time TV shows a few days ago.


I have to say it has been a while since I witnessed such atrocious, narrow minded, uneducated drivel on my TV. There are no words strong enough to describe how abhorrent I find this video, I am beyond disgusted and it makes my inside boil.

He freely states that being homosexual is unnatural, and that you ‘shouldn’t be proud’ to be gay.

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Theories of Equality – are we fighting the wrong battle?

A friend recently posed a theory to me about equality.

He said that he didn’t think we (LGBT people) would have equality until women had equality first.

I thought about it, and have been ever since. It’s an interesting point really.

I am writing my dissertation on women in management and have read paper after paper about the glass ceiling and how it’s still very much intact.

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Genetic Three Parent Families

I saw this in the news a couple of weeks ago, and have been meaning to blog about it for a little while. I have had a look and I don’t think anyone else has written about this, so I am hoping it generates a discussion.

The news reported that some scientific trials have taken place, and the UK has now launched a consultation on the matter.

The trials have been coined ‘three-parent in vitro fertilisation’ (IVF) because the offspring would have genes from a mother, a father and from a female donor, who donates some of her DNA.

The original purpose is to prevent some genetic diseases from being passed on. In particular mitochondrial diseases that are passed on genetically through the maternal line. So they take out the culprit DNA and replace it with the donors same DNA.

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Gay Marriage to be introduced in Scotland

A justice has been done today. And about bloody time.

The Scottish parliament will be the first to introduce gay marriage in the UK. This is as a result of their recent consultation on gay marriage which received HUGE responses. The BBC has reported that gay marriage will be legalised and that they will be bringing forward a bill on the matter.

I can only hope that the UK will follow suit, particularly because they too recently conducted a gay marriage consultation.

The marriages will only be ‘civil’ and there is no sign of pushing Churches or religious groups to conduct gay marriages.

However, that is the least of my priorities. I wouldn’t want a religious marriage anyway. That said, I think it is despicable that those LGBT people who are religious still won’t be able to get married under the eyes of god. I am an egalitarian, and I think would be too.

I am not religious, but God made us in his image. So wouldn’t it be a turn out for the books if he, was a she, and a lesbian at that!

Not all churches think that gay marriage is the worst thing in the world either. I saw a recent video about the Dean of St Albans church in Hertfordshire UK, who absolutely thinks that God would want gay marriage legalised.