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I am 17 years old. I love to write poetry and I love to help others. I write from my past experiences, which means that I write from my heart. I love to blog.

Manatees Dying in Record Numbers from Red Tide | Defenders of Wildlife Blog

Manatees Dying in Record Numbers from Red Tide | Defenders of Wildlife Blog.

via Manatees Dying in Record Numbers from Red Tide | Defenders of Wildlife Blog.

I know this isn’t LGBTQ+ stuff, but I am really trying to spread awareness, and help these beautiful creatures the best way I can at the moment. I hope that one day I can see these beautiful creatures. Please Please, share, post, and reblog on anything and everything you all possibly can. You don’t have to donate money, but the more we spread awareness, the safer they might be.

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Sweet and seemingly realistic technology and marriage post. Enjoy! P.S. I did add some words of wisdom, you could say to this post!

Forgive me for the really long title.

I found this image on my facebook page. I thought it was pretty funny. With all the technology in the world these days that it seems like almost everyone has, I believe that this wouldn’t just be the case for same sex couples or polyamorous couples. Yeah, technology is great, and it often makes things easier and makes it easier to keep in contact with friends, family, and loved ones, but sometimes I feel like our world depends on technology so much, that they either forget they have a brain, or they forget to use it.

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Boy Scouts: Vote to end your anti-gay policy so my brother can earn his Eagle award

My little brother and I have a lot in common. We’ve both dedicated many years of our lives to the Boy Scouts of America. We’re both openly gay. And…via Boy Scouts: Vote to end your anti-gay policy so my brother can earn his Eagle award.

This is NEVER okay, People work so hard to get so far. No one should be discriminated against. No one should be forced to work so hard to get so far, and not be able to get this high of an Award, solely because they are LGBTQIA+ especially when they have all the other so called “qualifications” or not be able to get it because they are questioning or they may have an LGBTQIAP+ member in their family. So Please Please Sign this petition!! It’d be greatly appreciated. Peace Out!! and I love you all!!


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We need to do everything in our power as citizens to help prevent bullying or stop bullying and prevent suicide. It’s sad that we are losing so many young people to suicide because of bullying. If we just stand by and watch bullying and do nothing about it, it doesn’t make us any better than the person who is doing the bullying. STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING AND STAND UP AGAINST SUICIDE!!!

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Last week was brutal.  The world said goodbye to three more young people at the hands of suicide.  And, that’s three that I know of.  Of the three, two were reportedly because of, at least in part, bullying.  Sixteen year old Bradley Chisholm was one of the two.


Brad was a beautiful young man who had been bullied for most of his high school years.  I am not sure of all the details, but I know that one of the things he was bullied for was his weight.  He was bigger than most kids, but so was his personality.  He seemed happy in the lead up to this but was obviously really hurting inside.  His mates have been talking about some kid from the area.  Not sure if he was the one bullying Brad before his passing, but it sure sounds that way.

And, again the question arises:  how…

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Being Pansexual

Pansexuality – Wipe Out Homophobia .com.

I am Pansexual, I am part of the LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY. I often feel like Pansexuality is a forgotten orientation or we are confused with being bisexual or polysexual, we are neither. Many people may believe that pansexuals think they are better than bisexuals or they may think that pansexuals think they are more superior than bisexuals. That’s not true. Being Pansexual is just a better way to define my sexual orientation and maybe other people’s sexual orientation into one term if someone asks, but for me I try not to label myself. I also think that people need to know or learn the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior (the act of having sex). Hope you all Enjoy or Enjoyed reading my post.

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