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Same-Sex Marriage Really is a Threat – Part II

gay-marriage-cake-topper-two-couples_0I just reblogged a thoughtful and brilliantly insightful post from the blog Nursing Clio on which I have a few thoughts that I didn’t want to include in a rambling 14-inch reblogging “comment.”  So instead, I shall ramble on about them here:

For all that I don’t consider myself particularly invested in the legalization (or decriminalization or wherever we’re at with the whole thing now) of Same-Sex Marriage, it occurs to me that I post about it kind of a lot.  While it is by no means the be-all, end-all issue that it is sort of publicized as—anti-gay attitudes and policies and organizations and funeral-picketing churches will neither be permanently eradicated from nor permanently enshrined in the American Experience on the whim of nine people in robes—I do see how it is useful as a sort of shorthand for “gay rights,” and as a barometer for their degree of popularity in our current culture.  (The fallacy that certain civil rights should be granted or denied to a swath of the populace based on their popularity is a conversation for another post.) Continue reading

Need a Gay Gift?

XMAS KMSHoliday shopping can be tricky, especially if you’re friends with the Queer Who Has Everything. (You know those gays and their disposable income.)  They’re all stocked up on Gay Apparel, and even if you wanted to gift someone a “figgy pudding,” where in the heck would you find one?  And what message are you really trying to send with a present that’s any kind of figgy?  No, the solution is definitely a book.  Like, a semi-steamy piece of gay fiction.  Perhaps even a gay love story in which a pivotal soul-searching scene takes place around a Nebraska family’s Christmas brunch table.  That’s the ticket! you say.  But it sounds like literary figgy pudding to me: wherever would I find such an item?  It so happens that I have written just such a book, and you can get it all kinds of places — heck, JMS Books, my (independent, queer) publisher, is even having a big sale!  The paperback fits snugly in any stocking, or the eBook, what with its instant delivery and all, makes a great last-minute gift.

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“One Million” Moms Miss the Mark (Again) on Ellen Ad


Surprising approximately no one anywhere, (Nowhere Near) One Million Moms has chimed in on JC Penney’s latest, apparently hugely offensive, television ad, starring the biggest threat to American Family Values since the fully functioning brain, Ellen Degeneres.

As you probably know, One Million Moms is a group whose membership is exaggerated in its name by about 95%, specifically spawned by the American Family Association first to take and then to publicize “offense” to all things gay that threaten The Children.  That they take offense to the insidious threat to decency that is Ellen in general is not news, nor the fact that they have already launched one “boycott” of JC Penney, based on their choice of Ellen as a spokesperson, that made the company rich beyond its wildest dreams.  Where One Million Moms’ Facebook page (before they took it down) reached a zenith of about 50,000 “Likes,” the Facebook page “1 Million People Who Support Ellen for JC Penney” sits pretty at more like 325,000; if the influence of these “moms” is not debatable (and here we are, talking about them again), its effectiveness certainly is. Continue reading