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A picture that’s worth 1,000 words

A few months ago I came across a new spelling of the word Gay.  It seems that Ghey has made its way into the Urban Dictionary and is meant to denote something that is “a derivation of gay meaning lame. meant to be non-offensive to individuals of a homosexual persuasion.”

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Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

The advent of the new year means that we now have only 11 more months (give or take a day or so) of political rhetoric before the likes of Michelle Bachman, Rick Frothy-Mix, and the rest of the right wingers can fade away (knock on wood) into distant memories. 

Make no mistake; 2012 is certainly not a guaranteed win and as frustrating as the political process can be it is crucial that each of us play our part no matter how small.

Write letters! Make phone calls! Speak your mind!

And have a great year doing it!

“I don’t approve of your lifestyle”

As a group, most of us have had those words directed at us at some point.  As a gay kid growing up against a backdrop of sanctimony in a small town, I have heard them more than once. Of course, we tell ourselves that what people think doesn’t matter and that as individuals we don’t need any ones approval to live our lives.

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