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Through an odd twist of fate, cosmic alignment, gay voodoo or whatever you want to call it, I've reacquainted myself with my old (hmm...well maybe old is a poor word to use) friend, Mike. I'm a snarky and sarcastic bitch at times, but that's part of my charm so I've been told. Recently transplanted to San Francisco where I'm trying to reinvent myself. Recently out of a 9 year relationship so pardon my jadedness when it comes to cutesy shit like couples. I'm kind of a gaymer-nerd so if you can down, down-foward, foward, high punch and land it against me, chances are we're going to get along.

Someone Filmed a Gay Porn Movie During Occupy Oakland


I know this has been kicking around the gay internet for the past few days, but it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and there’s not much going on and you need to look at porn before you go back to mom’s house, right? Right! Here’s a gay porn movie that was filmed during the Occupy Oakland protests.

To read more click here. Don’t worry, it’s still safe for work.

Bare Torsos and Crotch Shots…

…Are among many other revealing pictures guys who claim to be “discrete” post on sites like and Grindr. While they are a neatly, organized 12-to-a-page photo spread (Yes I do frequent them), the man-meat catalog that is A4A has me wondering is this the future of gay cultures’ dating scene. Allow me to set the scene: *Clears throat and does his best Sophia Petrillo impression*

Picture it: Fresno. Summer 2001.

There I was: A fledgling gay making my way through the dance floor of the local it-bar, BamBams. The tribal beats of Pepper Mashay’s “Dive in to the Pool” begin to pound through the speakers…

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A Closed World will open your eyes…

Very seldom do queer characters appear in video games without them being portrayed as over the top flamboyant (see: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony). However, recently I had the opportunity to play a game that had a queer-theme that wasn’t completely ridiculous or stereotypical. The game is called A Closed World in which you choose the role of a male or female youth who is trying to find acceptance among his or her family for the choices he or she has made regarding who he or she has come to fall in love with. The character’s design is androgynous enough to be either male or female and wanders a dark forest battling personifications of his/her families’ opinions toward the player. A Closed World is played as turned-based, RPG (Role Playing Game) which uses a unique system of logic and compassion to “battle” and reason with your family members rather than your typical use of magic or swords.

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