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I'm a socially awkward sociologist, my hobbies include plotting my escape from Fresno, paving the way for my eventual hostile take-over of the world, and photography.

What is it About High School?

I recently went back to high school, to support my little cousin in her cheerleading competition – effectively facing everything I hated about high school (pep rallies, cheerleaders that fit the stereotype, crazy parents, and hormonal teenagers), and without the friends that got me through it. I had flashbacks, felt smothered and claustrophobic, and wondered how I got through my high school years without the assistance of pharmaceuticals. This, of course, got me thinking about high school and all the memories (good and bad) that have stuck with me. Continue reading What is it About High School?


Okay, this isn’t my first blog; however, I haven’t always been the most consistent blogger Mike has had on board.  After spending a week or so, trying to figure out of where to start, developing a couple of blogs (I’m quite the scatter brain), I realized that maybe I should introduce myself; or rather, reintroduce myself, for those of you that don’t know me.  I recently graduated from Fresno State with my B.A. in Sociology, worked my ass off while going to school, partied a little too much during some of those years, still work too hard for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee and doing bookkeeping on the side, and I’m currently saving up for grad school to get the hell out of Fresno.  So, that is the very short, compartmentalized version of me and what I do.  Since I have my degree in Sociology, expect a lot of my blogs to be mostly social commentary, sprinkled with some sarcasm.

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