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Khoa Sinclair is a writer, artist, and fashion enthusiast. He is based in Denver and blogs about street style at . In his free time he enjoys thinking about his life mistakes and racking up credit debt.

SYTYCD Same Sex Romance Dance

I’m a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, so you can imagine how pleased I was when season 11’s top 4 (Valerie Rockey, Ricky Ubeda, Jessica Richens, and Zack Everhart Jr.) participated in a very moving, same sex dance routine. This routine went on the air during their Aug 27th showing. The four danced as same sex couples and choreographer, Travis Wall, wanted the dance to speak to the fight for marriage equality. You can watch the entire piece below.

Mills College Makes History

Mills Hall, Mills College, Oakland, CA

This all girls school isn’t afraid of change. For the first time in the schools 162 year history they will be accepting applications from individuals who identify as female. This California based college recently changed their admissions policy allowing for more applicants to apply. They are now saying that anyone who falls under the umbrella of self identification as a women is now allowed to attend the university. Those assigned female at birth but who transition to male while enrolled will also not reportedly be asked to leave the university.

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Spanish Beauty Queen Comes Out

I love a good beauty pageant, despite the multitude of controversy that surrounds them. While there are aspects of the competition that objectify women, it also allows for women to promote their passions and ideals. Spanish beauty queen, Patricia Yurena, recently came out of the closet via an Instagram post.

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Top 5 LGBT Friendly Colleges

Schools back in session. This time of year many nervous high schoolers will be embarking on their college journey. This is especially hard for members of the LGBTQ community. These students want to know that they’ll be safe and accepted wherever they choose to attend school. Here at Queer Landia we want you to be happy with your choice, thats why we put together the Top 5 LBGT Friendly Colleges.

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Inspiring Letter from Transgender Teen Jazz

Many of us may have encountered a story or two about Jazz within recent years. She’s the transgender teen who was thrust into the spotlight after appearing on 20/20 with Barbra Walters. Ever since she was a young girl, Jazz knew she was a girl trapped in a boys body. Having such self awareness at such a young age must have been hard for Jazz to deal with bullying. In a recent ¬†Youtube video, the LGBT role model urges acceptance for the transgender community