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I am a 25 year old dancer, independent graphic designer, visual merchandiser/stylist, dance teacher, friend, dog owner, coffee drinker, wine lover, movie buff, lyric snob, sushi phene, Instagram obsessed gentleman. I appreciate grungy bars, good beer, laughter, a women in heals, LGBT supporters, intelligent writing, single mothers and the smell of coconut shea butter lotion. I love my dog, my family, peace, meditation, spirituality, strength, fashion, Seattle, GaGa, my house, my living room and the ocean.

To the Emerald City: Discovering Gay Pride Down the Yellow Brick Road

Hello all…this is my first time writing for Queer Landia.

Seeing as it is New Years Eve, I decided to re-post a blog I wrote back for a website called only because I re-read it today and found it to resonate more with me today than when I first wrote it; hope you enjoy! [I altered a segment seeing as it is the start of the new year]

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