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Everybody’s Russian! Except Gay People?

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you’re gay here in Russia, you’re worse than a Jew.

Wealthy business owners- I mean- Political leaders in St. Petersburg proposed a bill that would silence any form of “gay propaganda.” This includes publicly declaring that you’re gay, bi, transgender, or even… lesbian. Say it isn’t so!

So according to Prim Minister Putin and President Medvedev, if you were a “Born This Way,” SHHH! No speak!

“We are perplexed by the American side’s attempts to interfere in the legislative process in Russia, especially publicly,” says Konstantin Dolgov. Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights and- yeah whatever, he has money. Blah blah- moving on.

AMERICA: So, say if I were to have a foursome… and only one of our.. players was female, so to speak… would that be considered gay?

St. PETERSBURG: Hmmm… how big would you say the breasts?

AMERICA: Average. Still pretty good. Seen bigger.

St. PETERSBURG: Hmmm… and did you a happen to touch the breasts?

AMERICA: Just once, yeah.


AMERICA: …I had my eyes closed the whole time…

St. PETERSBURG: …We’ll let this one a slide.

If the bill passes, which I sincerely hope it doesn’t, the fine of these “acts of indiscretion” will be from 1,000 rubles ($32) to 3,000 rubles ($100) for promoting pedophilia, which totally rides in the same boat as homosexuality. Lets hope they don’t rock it.

Lets give the officials in St. Petersburg a round of applause for gradually becoming the laughing stock of the world, because this joke made my day.

But it still saddens me that one of the biggest threats in our world is, and always will be, a moron with a pen.


-Drew Champagne

A Decent Gay Movie? What?

Hiding in the secluded shadows of the media; the “gay issue,” as many people still address it, still gets a limited amount of attention. Sure we can give proper praise to a few breakthrough television shows such as Queer as Folk, or the super-smash musical network hit, Glee for simply slapping audiences hard with a reminder of the subject matter. Shouting out, “hey guys, we exist, too… Hey guys, feel sorry for us, because we’re not socially accepted… hey guys, hey… we’re different- I mean- we’re just like you, dammit! LISTEN!”

Even the films available to us hit a little too hard.

Personally, watching these elaborate attempts at “normalizing” a certain sexuality, doesn’t quite fill the void for me. They just remind me, that the issue alone, still continues to make a spectacle of itself. Which is why I was pleased to come across the film, Shelter. (2007, Markowitz)

This film captures a different view of the gay genre. A view I’ve been desperately wanting to see portrayed for a long time.

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