Bandai Namco Cancels New VR Game Demo – Summer Lesson

You who had followed the game news for the last few weeks would not be too familiar with the name “Summer Lesson”. Although he did not offer the hype of Bloodborne or Persona 5 that finally confirmed to the Playstation 4 some time ago, Summer Lesson attracted its own anticipation. How come? He became the first step of a great publisher to get into the realm of virtual reality, of course through the latest peripherals being developed Sony – Project Morpheus. Although it still does not offer significant details, Summer Lesson has shown a bit of the gameplay aspect that positions you in the room of a cute girl who will interact with you. No wonder, if many are curious about what this game has to offer and get dragon ball z dokkan battle.

The answer to that curiosity is supposed to be remedied in the upcoming 2014 TGS event, given Bandai Namco’s promise to include a demo of Summer Lesson there. But unfortunately, Summer Lesson will continue to be a mystery. In its latest statement, Bandai Namco announced that the demo Project Morpheus was canceled demonstrated in Asia’s largest game exhibition event.
Unfortunately, Bandai Namco canceled the Summer Lesson demo in the upcoming 2014 TGS. The reason? Just a technical issue.

The reason? Apart from the controversy that had enveloped this game because the outline of the theme that carried, not this problem which is the reason for the cancellation of the demo of Summer Lesson. Just a technical issue. Bandai Namco mentions that this demo can not be done because of the limited space capacity and the difficulty to balance the attention with other game content they offer. Katsuhiro Harada – the designer mentioned that the Summer Lesson demo will last for 5-6 minutes. Assuming only one dragon ball z dokkan battle hack on .


can be offered by Sony, one day TGS 2014 will only facilitate 50-70 people. The numbers are of course minimal when compared with the number of visitors TGS 2014 every day.

So when will we be able to see more “lunge” Summer Lesson in the future? Harada stated that Bandai Namco is planning to organize their own event, although it is unclear when. Well, can not wait to see the lesson ..

Soul King Preview

SOULKING is a strategic skill-based Role Playing Game (RPG) that features a structured fight with a strategic combination of skill and hero. The players will easily understand about how to fight, accompanied by a unique and fun hero. The longer the players spend time with the heroes, the more fun they will encounter from this unique gameplay.

In this article, KotGa Crew will review the newly released Soul King game by netmarble yesterday. A variety of unique and cool features will be reviewed in full along with the factors that make this Soul King game worthy of play on NBA Live Mobile coin hack .

A variety of skills you definitely love!

If you’ve ever played other netmarble MMORPG games like Seven Knights, it’s certainly not unfamiliar with the typical netball style MMORPG style that is full of characters that have cool bergrafis skills. The difference in Soul King is in addition to cool graphics, skill on Soul King also have a unique also loh! For example there is a hero who has the skill throw carrots at the enemy so that the donkey attack the enemies.

Kotakers can also develop the Hero that the Kinders like to taste. The players can also improve and balance the ability to attack and survive as they wish. The attacker-type hero will show the best ability when their skills are combined with other heroes. In addition, SOULKING also offers an exciting strategic gameplay and allows players to create variations in character development, as well as integrate skills and more.

Abundant Content to Play

Soul King has a lot of abundant content in features such as Heroic Quest, Story Mode, Adventure, Exploration, Daily Dungeon and PVP modes. As the character level rises one by one the feature will open.

In the Boxes Mission feature can know the story of the character Soul King in defeating the evil forces. Adventure is where the Boxers collect gear, hero and also material to upgrade the hero either from ordinary battle or Boss Battle. Do not forget the Daily Dungeon feature on Soul King will also give a lot of abundant gift Boxers. If Kotakers already has a strong enough team do not forget to challenge other players on the PVP mode feature.

For Kotakers who love MMORPG Mobile games with a very fun strategy feature then NBA Live Mobile coins should try. In this Soul King Mobile Game you will be served a variety of cute characters who have the ability to turn off. At the beginning of the launching, Soul King provides a variety of exciting prizes for 7 days nonstop at login, in addition there are also 3 cool characters with 3 and 4 stars that you can get for 3 days. The gameplay shown is also fun considering you have to defend against the brutal monsters. .

Valve Wants Duke Class Counter Strike Tournament 2 & dragon ball z dokkan battle

The high interest in the Dota 2 International tournament makes Valve consider creating similar events for other games. At least, that was revealed by one of Valve’s top brass, Erik Johnson.

According to Johnson, the company may hold an event for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. “I do not know if it will be called The International (or not), but the people who work for Counter Strike have made a lot of progress in supporting the game’s professional community,” he said.

Valve does not have any information for them to announce at this time. But according to the data they have, the community’s response to The International is ‘something very hard to ignore by any gaming team’ and get  dokkan battle dragon stone hack.
The great success of The International DOTA 2 prompted Valve to organize a similar tournament for CS: GO.

As is known, as many as 10 thousand tickets Dota 2 The International sold out in just one hour. In fact, the fans also managed to make the tournament prize rose to USD 10.7 million. This signifies the eSport event held by Valve is very popular.

Johnson also saw no reason why the same concept could not be applied to Counter Strike. Just to remind, Dota 2 became the most popular game in Steam today and followed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive in second place. Johnson who has worked with the Counter Strike team for 14 years claiming this game has been much larger than before.

What do you think? Will the Counter Strike tournament run as exciting as dragon ball z dokkan battle hack ? Or maybe you have your own favorite game title and hope to make a similar tournament?

Civilization: Beyond Earth Get a Definite Release Date

One of the most addictive games ever created in the gaming industry, this one statement does not seem excessive if it leads to a Civilization franchise developed by Firaxis Games. Being under the banner of 2K, Civilization does offer the sensation of a complex strategy game that is the main attraction. Instead of just building a huge army and conquering the territory, there are so many things you can do to achieve victory, from diplomacy to appearing technologically dominant. After struggling with politics between countries in the world, Madden Mobile hacks  is finally ready to go into space. Prepare for re-eruption, because the last project – Civilization: Beyond Earth finally gets a definite release date!

Carrying the same core mechanic, Civilization: Beyond Earth is more worth mentioning as the successor of the other Sid Meier franchise – Alpha Centauri which was released in 1999 ago. Stranded on an alien planet that comes with its own unique ecosystem, this game promises a different Civilization experience.

Welcoming the announcement of its release date, Madden Mobile Games also announced a pre-order bonus of Exoplanets Map Pack containing six custom maps – Kepler 186f, Rigil Khantoris Bb, Tau Ceti d, Mu Arae f, 82 Eridari, and Eta Vulpeculae b all of which are inspired by outer planets in real life. To help gamers who get a little picture of what kind of game they will get, a video walkthrough is also released.

So when will you be able to enjoy it? Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released on October 24, 2014, exclusive to PC.

New Character Hello 5: Guardians Revealed!

The anticipation is so great it does not necessarily make Microsoft and 343 Industries in a hurry to introduce the first Halo series for Xbox One – Halo 5: Guardians in E3 2014 event yesterday. Although it was predicted to be a focus, the presentation of 343 Industries was more dominated by the introduction of Halo: The Master Chief Collection which will include the Remaster version of  mobile legends hack first four series. While on the other hand, Guardians are only introduced through a CGI trailer full of question marks and a little picture of what multiplayer mode will be carried. But beyond that, there are still so many questions surrounding the next-gen project. One of the biggest ones? Of course the new main character.

Surprisingly indeed, instead of welcoming the return of the Master Chief on a new generation of platforms, the premier boxart Halo 5: Guardians also showed a new figure positioned just like the “shadow” of Chief himself. Microsoft is also not much to say about this one figure. Fortunately, this mystery was answered through interview session Mobile legends – Eurogamer. So, who exactly the figure with the armor that looks more futuristic this?

Bonnie Ross introduced him as Agent Locke, a new character that will be introduced more deeply through the Halo film series being prepared – Halo: Nightfall. Nighfall will focus on telling about Locke’s background, so the background is much clearer when you play Halo 5: Guardians later. Will he replace the Chief? Of course not. Ross insists that the main star of Halo 5: Guardians remains the Master chief who must now deal with the crisis of his existence after the event in Halo 4. All film and game projects that carry the name Hello will certainly be interconnected.

Halo 5: Guardians are scheduled to be released in 2015, though without a definite release date, of course – exclusive to Xbox One. So, welcome aboard, Locke!

New DLC NBA Live Mobile

Yep, this is Electronic Arts. Somehow no wonder if there are games that offer them micro deals in it. The title that will present a similar concept is NBA Live Mobile.

In the near future, this game will soon offer purchase options for certain items. “Starting next week, gamers are given the option to buy coins through Sticker Shop, which allows them to have the ability to access new packs and related content more quickly,” EA said on its official blog.

However, gamers who do not want to spend more money can open the same content through a normal process. “You can play to get it through coins gained from the game, or you can buy coins to get it instantly,” added EA.

As it is known that NBA Live Mobile unlimited coins itself is not a free-to-play game. Games released specifically for Xbox One and Xbox 360 are sold at a price that is only slightly cheaper than the game in general.

Although it will include micro transactions, PopCap keeps releasing content updates for the game for free. In the future, PopCap plans to launch Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare on PC. Unfortunately until now there has been no confirmation of exact date.

Developer Star Citizen Promises Will Not Be Tempted Money Publisher & clash royale

Indie and rich, who would have thought that these two words could be combined in one sentence. But the success achieved by Minecraft – Mojang developer seems to be one proof, that the game with a small capital can achieve tremendous success by offering a unique concept that has never been taken before. But there is one developer who has even reached high popularity without games that really can be enjoyed to the market. True, we are talking about the phenomenon of Star Citizen that managed to reap more than USD 41 million just from donations. Reflecting on the disappointment resulting from Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, the developer – Cloud Imperium insists that they will never go through the same process.

This fear is justified, given that clash royale was originally also built as a donation project before it matured, gained support, and eventually fell into the hands of Facebook. Roberts – the great boss Cloud Imperium insists that a similar incident will not happen to Star Citizen. He will not sell this space exploration game to another giant publisher, no matter how big a deal is offered. Responding to the Facebook acquisition case, he explained that Star Citizen is a software product that does not require investment up to hundreds of millions of dollars, especially considering the distribution channels that will be done digitally.

Not only that, Roberts also explained that he had been through the company’s acquisition process twice in the past, and that became the reason why he survived the status of Star Citizen as an independent game. At the end of his interview with gaming site – Eurogamer, Roberts also hopes that the extra funds that clash royale astuce  currently has will enable him to compete healthier with other competitors’ products and, surely, be able to offer VR headsets within a very affordable price range.

So for those of you who are afraid that Star Citizen will be tempted by the lure of money from the publisher of EA or Activision classmates, you may have a heart. In Star Citizen, we trust!

Ubisoft Confirm Assassin’s Creed Unity & dragon ball z dokkan battle for 2014!

Of all the annual release franchises spread across the gaming industry, Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed’s project may indeed be regarded as one of the best. Apart from the mechanical gameplay that does not innovate much from one series to the next, Ubisoft must be recognized successfully mix the historical timeline and design settings that spoil the eye. As in previous years, Ubisoft will of course release the latest series of Assassin’s Creed in 2014. Some information that had leaked in cyberspace indicated the presence of two different series of dragon ball z dokkan battle . No longer just rumors, Ubisoft finally confirmed one of these series.

Through an inaugural teaser, Ubisoft finally ensure the presence of Assassin’s Creed Unity as a series for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2014. As well as being an unofficial confirmation of previous rumors, this teaser shows the various Parisian-French iconic buildings in it, indicating that Unity did take the French Revolution as the main historical timeline. There is no further detailed information related to this project, in addition to the certainty that this teaser visualization is using in-game engine that is still in the pre-alpha stage. Looks awesome!

Unfortunately, Ubisoft itself seems to be silent about the existence of  dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats zeni – a different series that reportedly will be released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, unlike the Unity series. They did not comment on the presence of the main character named – Arno in Unity that had been revealed by previous rumors.

Himalayan Setting Rumor for Far Cry 4 Stronger & GTA 5

An open world world built sweeter, with countless addictive gameplay combinations, it’s hard not to fall in love with one of Ubisoft – Far Cry’s flagship franchises. Through Far Cry 3 and the unique Far Cry Blood Dragon, the positive response from most gamers seems to be a valid proof for Ubisoft to continue exploiting this name. Unlike the break from the second series until the third series is quite long, the French-based publisher is said to have started preparing the latest series GTA V hack. Rumors continue to grow and strengthen, regardless of the silence of Ubisoft himself.

Like rumors that had appeared some time ago, the source of information claimed valid by the European gaming site – Eurogamer stated that Far Cry 4 will take the setting in the Himalayas. Not just snow, this series will reportedly offer a wider mountain environment landscape. He is even rumored to be offering an elephant as an animal that you can ride to reach the area faster. Ubisoft itself has not provided any confirmation, but the source of information believe that the introduction of GTA V money hack tool itself will be officially done at the upcoming E3 2014.

Far Cry 4 is rumored to be released in the first half of 2015, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. There is no information whether this game will also slide on the platforms of previous generations – Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Attack on Titan Will Collaborate With Monster Hunter & hill climb racing

Whether you’re an anime fan or not, you certainly will not be able to avoid the popularity of the name Attack on Titan. Anime that contains a dark and mysterious story between the human battle against the giant creature “Titan” is indeed very attractive appearance. And like the entertainment industry habits so far, a successful product like this has always been a potential project to be adapted to other formats. Attack on Titan itself already has several game titles, one of which will be released on Nintendo 3DS some time ago. Not only his own game, he apparently started to get into other more popular game franchises – including hill climb racing   in it.

Among all the game hunt monsters on the market, big name franchise of Capcom – Monster Hunter certainly appear as the best. Gameplay is addictive, challenging, with multiplayer model that is not less interesting to make each series always anticipated. Sharing the “concept” is almost the same as Attack on Titan, who would have thought that these two giants would collaborate in Monster Hunter Frontier G.

This is not the first time Attack on Titan is involved in this project, considering hill climb racing  hack  also did the same thing. Japanese gaming site – Dengeki Online reports that Attack on Titan will be “present” in Monster Hunter Frontier G. But do not expect you will have the opportunity to taste the war against the Titan in Monster Hunter style. This collaboration will only be adapted from the costume and equipment that your character can use. Although it is unclear whether the unique equipment – Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear will also be inserted into it or not.

The content of this cooperation itself will reportedly be available on April 24, 2014 in the Japanese market. Not yet clear whether similar content will also be distributed to markets outside of Japan which until now still have not received a definite release at all.