Attack on Titan Will Collaborate With Monster Hunter & hill climb racing

Whether you’re an anime fan or not, you certainly will not be able to avoid the popularity of the name Attack on Titan. Anime that contains a dark and mysterious story between the human battle against the giant creature “Titan” is indeed very attractive appearance. And like the entertainment industry habits so far, a successful product like this has always been a potential project to be adapted to other formats. Attack on Titan itself already has several game titles, one of which will be released on Nintendo 3DS some time ago. Not only his own game, he apparently started to get into other more popular game franchises – including hill climb racing   in it.

Among all the game hunt monsters on the market, big name franchise of Capcom – Monster Hunter certainly appear as the best. Gameplay is addictive, challenging, with multiplayer model that is not less interesting to make each series always anticipated. Sharing the “concept” is almost the same as Attack on Titan, who would have thought that these two giants would collaborate in Monster Hunter Frontier G.

This is not the first time Attack on Titan is involved in this project, considering hill climb racing  hack  also did the same thing. Japanese gaming site – Dengeki Online reports that Attack on Titan will be “present” in Monster Hunter Frontier G. But do not expect you will have the opportunity to taste the war against the Titan in Monster Hunter style. This collaboration will only be adapted from the costume and equipment that your character can use. Although it is unclear whether the unique equipment – Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear will also be inserted into it or not.

The content of this cooperation itself will reportedly be available on April 24, 2014 in the Japanese market. Not yet clear whether similar content will also be distributed to markets outside of Japan which until now still have not received a definite release at all.

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