Activision Want to Turn Back Crash Bandicoot!

amer which ones do not miss this guy? Being an integral part of the lives of many gamers, Crash Bandicoot of Naughty Dog has become an icon that is so memorable. Offers one of the best platformer gameplay quality on the market in the past, Naughty Dog also build character and level design is so strong for her. Unfortunately, in spite of the charm of this one, Crash sunk along with the development of the times. Slowly but surely Sony begin to forget, and the holder of the license – Activision also seemed to ignore it. Does this mean we will not see more action this character in the future? Do not worry, the hope is still there and get on FIFA 17 .

Activision confirms that they are still the holder of the license rights to franchise this one, denied rumors that had circulated a few days ago – which Sony reportedly has bought back the license of their official Crash Bandicoot and is developing a new series. Not only that, in an interview with the site – Game Informer, Activision also revealed that they do not leave FIFA 17 granted. They even tested the middle of a variety of options to bring the industry back to the Crash Bandicoot games, although not sharing any extra detail.
Activision express their desire to “revive” Crash Bandicoot. Various options tested middle to make it happen.

As a gamer who grew up with the franchise this one, is of course a glimmer of hope that awaited. Please Activision, Crash bring back to us!

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