Finally, Atlus Announces Persona 5!

Persona name can not be removed from the lunge JRPG as a genre. Innovation and uniqueness of the theme that he offered in each series are indeed making Persona appear to be different than the other JRPG titles. The combination of live two lives with different charms in Persona 3 and 4 become selling points are difficult to resist, let alone the complexity offered in each of these life. Not surprisingly, many gamers are looking forward lunge JRPG franchise further. Various rumors spread during the past few weeks, including speculation about the presence of a sequel series – Persona 4 Vol. 2 and Persona 5. A dream finally realized by Madden Mobile itself.

In a major announcement event that they do, Atlus introduce not just one, but four create a new Persona is ready to invade the gaming industry in the foreseeable future. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth created for the Nintendo 3DS incorporates two world Persona – 3 and 4, with a typical RPG gameplay Persona. Uniquely? The characters are now offered in chibi appearance. Atlus also announced the existence of Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra suplex Hold – the continuation of fighting series is ready to go for the Playstation 3 and Arcade in Japan. The third project is a spin-off series that may be counted “crazy”, a game the rhythm of the music Persona – Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PS Vita. Nothing special? Atlus still had one surprise Madden Mobile coins cheats .

After moving in the range and is not, Atlus has finally officially confirmed the existence of Persona 5. A teaser trailer slid, with red as the dominant color video. Unfortunately no explicit detail can be captured from it, other than a tagline “You are a slave. Want emancipation? “In it. Persona 5 will be released for the PlayStation 3 in the coming winter in Japan, with no certainty as to the process of adaptation to the West.

Activision Want to Turn Back Crash Bandicoot!

amer which ones do not miss this guy? Being an integral part of the lives of many gamers, Crash Bandicoot of Naughty Dog has become an icon that is so memorable. Offers one of the best platformer gameplay quality on the market in the past, Naughty Dog also build character and level design is so strong for her. Unfortunately, in spite of the charm of this one, Crash sunk along with the development of the times. Slowly but surely Sony begin to forget, and the holder of the license – Activision also seemed to ignore it. Does this mean we will not see more action this character in the future? Do not worry, the hope is still there and get on FIFA 17 .

Activision confirms that they are still the holder of the license rights to franchise this one, denied rumors that had circulated a few days ago – which Sony reportedly has bought back the license of their official Crash Bandicoot and is developing a new series. Not only that, in an interview with the site – Game Informer, Activision also revealed that they do not leave FIFA 17 granted. They even tested the middle of a variety of options to bring the industry back to the Crash Bandicoot games, although not sharing any extra detail.
Activision express their desire to “revive” Crash Bandicoot. Various options tested middle to make it happen.

As a gamer who grew up with the franchise this one, is of course a glimmer of hope that awaited. Please Activision, Crash bring back to us!

Two take Newest Register Game Bully in Europe

When most of the open-world game revolves around the theme of super serious dark, where the criminal underworld and gang wars become a major selling point, Rockstar comes with an innovation that turned out to be an incredible ending – Bully in the year 2006. Bringing schools as the main theme, in which juvenile delinquency is visualized in a myriad of fun and addictive missions, Bully offers a much different experience. Success in terms of quality and sales did make it as the foundation of a potentially lucrative franchise. Take Two as publisher seem to understand it. Hope to see the latest series of this game now finally started to slightly open and get Pokemon Go balls generator .

After briefly appearing as rumors in the past few months, a glimmer of light now appeared to all gamers who yearn for the return of Bully. Take-Two Interactive as a franchise owner finally registered trademark of the latest – “Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit” in Europe. The brand was registered on 20 November 2013 that then. Does this indicate the presence of the latest series Bully? Take Two itself has not confirmed anything. However, all indications lead to the conclusion that indeed and reinforced the rumors that Pokemon Go is being developed.

EA Admits Victory Football Manager – Remove FIFA Manager

Football has become the most popular sport in the world. With hundreds of millions of viewers around the world who watched every big game there, football is also grown to become an integral part of the gaming industry. For gamers who love the game of real-time, two major franchise – FIFA and PES into two camps that offer a competitive answer to these needs. While for those who love the strategy, manage the team, and organizing the players, the game industry also offers two major franchise – from Sega Football Manager and FIFA Manager of EA. If you belong to one lover game like this, you are unlikely to have two more options in the future. Why? EA officially “resigned”.

Once released over the past 13 years, EA Sports has finally officially deadly FIFA Manager as a franchise, which means there will be no more new series will be released in the future. Through an official blog, Gerald Kohler – the creators of the game have stated that the investments made by the EA is no longer comparable to what can be produced by FIFA Manager. On the other hand, he also admitted that the popularity of the series competitors – Football Manager could not be matched again and acknowledge the dominance of the franchise of Sega. Because of this, it becomes rational decision to eliminate the release of FIFA Manager of EA Sports forum.
After 13 years working in the game industry, EA has finally admitted the dominance of the franchise competitors – Football Manager. The popularity and sales can no longer compensate, EA finally decided to turn off their FIFA Manager franchise and get FIFA 17 hack on here .

However, Kohler still ask the fans to continue to be loyal and build a community of FIFA Manager with consistently improving existing quality. So? FIFA Manager goodbye and welcome to the monopoly of Football Manager in the genre this one!