God of War Developer Move to Crytek

Most gamers hack and slash fans certainly familiar with the name of the God of War franchise -one of the best exclusive Sony. Not only popularized the QTE as an integral part of the genre of hack and slash, God of War also made the cinematic side as selling points that can not be underestimated. Through the cold hands of Sony Santa Monica, Sony getting spearhead effective to make the Playstation 2 and Playstation as one of the most desirable gaming platform. Imagine if such power in synergy with other developers do not lose quality – Dragon ball z dokkan battle. Strength is ayng taken by Todd Papy figure Hill  Climb .


Todd Papy no doubt, is one of the backbone that managed to make God of War as an iconic franchise. Not only the director who led God of War: Ascension, she also became a major design director for God of War 3. After confirmation of his departure from Sony Santa Monica, Papy confirmed that he has now joined the publisher best known and ryse Crysis – Crytek. Unfortunately there has been no confirmation of what the project would involve the talents of this Papy and get Dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce .
The backbone menggawangi God of War: Ascension and God of War 3 – Todd Papy officially joined Crytek.

With the end of the story has been the release of Crysis and ryse: Son of Rome to the market, then only stayed one Crytek projects that may require the ability Todd Papy. Absolutely, we’re talking about Homefront 2. What is this project being the center of attention, or Crytek still has another surprise project with Todd Papy as its main backbone? We’ll wait.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ready to Release This Month!

Good news for fans of the game The Walking Dead. Telltale Games to make sure that the second season of the drama full zombie game comes before the month ended December 2013 and get CSR Racing 2 on android.

As in the first season, The Walking Dead season 2 fixed launched in five episodes that will be released periodically. In addition about the launch schedule, Telltale is also giving leaks through a screenshot posted via their official Twitter account, @telltalegames.

In these screenshots apparent re-emergence of Omid characters in The Walking Dead Season 2. Previously, Telltale has also ensured the presence of Clementine as the main playable character.
Latest screenshots released Telltale shows the return of characters from Season 1 – Omid, as well as a confirmation we will act as CSR racing 2.

Currently The Walking Dead season 2 is already available for pre-order on PC / Mac for USD 22:49. Additionally, this game is also ready to go to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS.

In the light of the success of the first season, The Walking Dead season 2 has the potential of gaining the same results, or even better. Moreover, the fans certainly do not want to miss to follow the journey of CSR Racing 2 hack survive.

Releases New Patch DICE Battlefield 4 for PS4

4 PlayStation gamers who are experiencing various problems when playing Battlefield 4 seems to be relieved. Because, DICE has released a new patch that can be claimed mengatasai these problems and get mobile strike online.

“We insert some improvements which could decrease the number of crashes and improve the stability of the game,” said Battlefield Community Manager, Vincent V. Vukovic.

The problem that arises is quite troublesome gamers, both of which play single player or multiplayer. Especially since PS4 firmware update 1.50 from a week ago. Here are some things that have been corrected through this patch DICE:

Repair frequent crashes while changing weapon or change folders
Reduce the possibility of damage to Save File in single player campaign
Fix the crash that occurred when the single player campaign continues
Fix bug when accessing PlayStation Plus
Improve performance while shooting an object Levolution destroyed

Although it has received a patch, do not rule out the possibility gamers will still face similar problems. In fact, the PC version of Battlefield 4 release first continues because many gamers complained crash despite having received a patch a few times. DICE itself can only promise never stopped working hard to make Battlefield 4 is more stable and comfortable to play you can visit mobile strike hack here .

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Also Towards PS 4!

There is fear itself for gamers Playstation 4 that they will increasingly lose the opportunity to enjoy the latest EA games in the future. How come? Although the EA itself is known as a publisher who was furious throw their products on all platforms available, they turned out to give the right console for Titanfall ekskslusif only for Xbox One. This policy of course further increase the selling value of Microsoft’s next-gen console the Playstation 4 and neglect themselves. A similar anxiety felt after the announcement of the release of EA-related Plants Vs Zobies: Garden Warfare also do not contain the name of the Sony console. Does this mean the status PVZ: Garden Warfare same  monster legends? Most likely not.

In contrast to the entirely Titanfall will never be released to the Playstation 4, PVZ: Garden Warfare seems to be positioned as an exclusive game only in a certain period only and will find its way to the Playstation 4 in the future. This information is leaked in cyberspace after PVZ: Garden Warfare Playstation version 4 Rating Board registered in South Korea. Not only South Korea, the same information is also found in the Rating Board Brazil. When will EA will officially announce the PS4 version of this? They themselves have not provided any official comment and get monster legends hack android  .

PVZ: Garden Warfare itself will glide on February 18, 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As for the PC version? Although it has been confirmed, EA itself has not given exact release date.

Call of Duty: Ghosts in the PS4 and Xbox One

Now I have a lot of game titles available in two brand-new game console, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even so, there is one name that is successfully making the gamer impose his choice as one of the first game they play in both the console.

Call of Duty: Ghosts managed to make a good start since its emergence in the PS4 and Xbox One despite having to compete directly with a First-Person Shooter (FPS) are also more popular, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.

Activision announced that COD: Ghosts into a game with multiplayer Xbox One of the most widely played and the highest sales in North America and the UK. As for the PS4, this game is the best-selling well in North America.

The data obtained from several well-known retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. Problem its multiplayer, there are more than 1 billion battle multiplayer mode that has been played by 2.2 million 3.3 trillion prestige and experience points.
Ghosts managed to position itself as the best selling game in the release of the Playstation 4  and get Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle game.

So, what makes it able to surpass Battlefield 4? Most likely many reports problems that occur even after the release of the patch makes gamers refrain from directly buying Battlefield 4, especially the PS4 version you can visit  Dokkan Battle hack.

Endless when talking about the competition between COD series and Battlefield series. Each has its own advantages, especially in the eyes of the fanboy faithful support over the years. At least, until now COD: Ghosts is the winner in the next-gen consoles. How about you? If you later buy the Xbox One or PS4, which game would you choose first?

SEGA denies the presence of Shenmue 3

I wonder how many gamers expands smile after a long anticipated update eventually spread in cyberspace. Although not yet confirmed by SEGA itself, but a trademark registration in the name of “Shenmue 3” spread in cyberspace as abandoned hope, especially for gamers who had tasted his epic franchise this one in the first Dreamcast. Console the dead did not destroy their own interest. If you are one among the latest to believe the existence of this? You seem to have to start to bite the fingers and get Roblox on here.

SEGA denies the presence of Shenmue 3

The gamers naive might easily believe in the existence of information that is only because of Shenmue 3-frills trademark registration that he stretcher. But if you want examined, there are some suspicious elements, including the names of applicants who are not in sync with the name of SEGA as a franchise owner. Sure enough, it is certain that the presence of Shenmue 3 is just a mere hoax. This has been confirmed by SEGA directly. SEGA ensure that this information is false and is investigating who is responsible for the registration of this trademark you can visit roblox hack android .

So for gamers who are still curious how the story will end Ryo Hazuki, you seem to have to come back to bite the finger .. Oh, c’mon SEGA!

Modder Teenagers Recruited Skyrim Bungie Studios

How many of you – the gamer Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still remembered with the word “Falskaar”? Mod this one does not count special, especially when compared with a myriad of other mod that is able to offer visualization and gameplay mechanics difference significantly. However, the background story Falskaar was interesting to follow. Developed by a 19-year-old named Alexander J. Velicky for more than one year, the project offers 25 hours of extra content with more than 100 people contribute in it. Velicky itself is “offering” Falskaar not a mod, but the evidence and serious job application for admission to Bethesda. A dream come true, but deviated from the original purpose and get madden mobile.

Falskaar proved unsuccessful evocative Bethesda Softworks to employ Velicky as a project team member for any middle game they develop. However, another giant developers were interested by mod gigantic project that has been developed by Velicky. In his post in the forum Bethesda, Velicky thanked profusely for all those who had helped him in ways as simple as like videos, share news, using a mod which he did, to send feeback to Falskaar discussed by major gaming media. Thanks to this, he is now able to get a position as a developer stay for Bungie Studios. He was rumored to be involved in the project Destiny which now is central to the focus of madden mobile. Wow!
Velicky effort and hard work paid off. Although not managed to attract Bethesda Studios, but the mod Skyrim – Falskaar he developed earned him the developer remains in another giant company – Bungie Studios.

To inspire other modder, Velicky also asked them to never be afraid to try, especially regarding efforts to get into the game industry was over as early as possible. Commitment is what ultimately makes him ogled by Bungie. Velicky also admitted that he was not actually a dream to work in a giant class developer Bungie and will be ignored. But who thought that madden mobile coins hack  turns chose to give it a chance. An award which he said was outstanding.

Although it has never played a Falskaar though, but no one is more deserving than a greeting and congratulations to Velicky salute for successfully realize his dream this one. Hopefully lunge Velicky also inspire you – who are interested in working in an international game developers and dreaming to get into the gaming industry as early as possible. Salute, Velicky!

GTA: San Andreas Towards iOS and Android!

Amazing indeed, to see how quick the device as small as a smartphone or tablet is now able to produce a much more robust capabilities than the previous two generations a great console. With technology advancing so rapidly this is, a device that was originally only designed to build communication has now become one of the best door to enjoy a variety of multimedia content available, including gaming. Not just to get games that are built for him, the mobile market was also transformed into a port for a myriad of major franchise in the past. One of them? Grand Theft Auto.

After the success of GTA III and GTA: Vice City mobile version which was released some time ago, Rockstar finally confirmed a mobile port project to another. Now turn one of the phenomenal series that could bring a lot of new gameplay innovations in the GTA franchise – GTA: San Andreas. The mobile version of this game will be launched in December 2013, although Rockstar itself has not given a definite release. GTA: San Andreas mobile will come with improvements in the visuals, characters and also a new vehicle variant. Not only Android and iOS, it will also be released for Windows Phone and Kindle and get GTA 5 on http://gta5hack2017.com .
Following the previous series, Rockstar will release GTA: San Andreas for the mobile market – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle December. Not just a port, Rockstar will also improve existing visual side.

Unfortunately, Rockstar itself has not provided detailed specifications of smartphones and tablets such as what is recommended for GTA: San Andreas this mobile version. Interested?

Game Quantum Break Also Include Film Series In Disc

An action game that is different, saying that this one was already echoed Remedy Entertainment since it was first introduced as one of the Quantum Break Xbox One exclusive game that deserves to be anticipated. He was introduced as a product that will integrate movies and video games in the same container. Unfortunately, apart from a variety of these claims, Remedy has not demonstrated the gameplay which clearly shows the implementation of the concept of interest. Promises to unlock all the mysteries of the next month, Remedy began to give some idea of ​​what can be anticipated from him and visit NBA Live Mobile.

The Lead Writer – Sam Lake reveals that Quantum Break game itself will include a film series that are members of the same disc. This film series will be part of the narrative of the story itself and Quantum Break will adapt according to the choice made by gamers during their chapter in the game Quantum Breaknya own. This option was taken because the concept of “time” Quantum Break that will allow gamers to undergo a variety of scenarios. The film series will deepen every option you have selected and gives a further clue opening narration and get NBA Live Mobile hack.
Unique indeed. Remedy confirmed that Quantum Break will be present with a separate series in the game disc itself.

Combining a series of films and video games as a whole, and are offered in the same disc? This is of course a concept that deserves to be expected, given the uniqueness of which have never been offered other third person shooter game. Hope it works well, Remedy!

CyberConnect2 Set Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution!

Most PC gamers might amid cheers today. How come? After waiting long enough, one fighting game that is quite popular among fans of anime – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst finally rolled into this one platform. Animo and popularity is what encourages the developer – CyberConnect 2 to exploit the franchise this one. Various improvements and innovations launched in each series, with of course enhancements that make each piece cut-scene look so cinematic. After success in the Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is, this trend seems likely to continue into 2014. CyberConnect 2 has prepared a new Marvel Contest of Champions game.

That information is slid from the Japanese magazine – Jump the latest. CyberConnect 2 introduced a latest title – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is scheduled to be released in 2014. Like the previous series, this new game is also adapted as a three-dimensional fighting game that allows you to betarung in an open world, while issuing the attacks cinematic feast for the eyes. There is no clear difference in the visual quality is there, but Ultimate Ninja Revolution will contain more than 100 characters that can be used, including new characters emerging in a new manga series. Yups, Naruto and Sasuke are already in the team and get Marvel Contest of Champions game here.
Jump magazine indicates Naruto fighting game series for 2014 – Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Revolution. Bring a current roster of fighters with the tracks of his manga, Ninja Revolution still make the PS 3 and Xbox 360 as the main platform.

Year 2014? Does this mean Ninja Revolution will be released for next-gen consoles? Unfortunately no. Like the previous series, he will be focused on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as the main platform. There are no details whether the PC will get this series in the same release or wait as happens in Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst.