Dallas gayborhood


I had the chance to steal away to Big D for a week as a part of my sabbatical from QL over the holidays.  I know Texas is a big red state and produces some nit wit Republicans but there is actually a thriving gay community in Dallas for sure.  The gay district is centered around Throckmorton and Cedar Springs.

It’s pretty easy to get to by bus or taxi and there is plenty to do.  Club S4 is the perennial dance club:  two stories, 5 bars, 2 or 3 dance floors, a running drag show up stairs with its own private stage.  Woody’s a great place to get a drink and watch the game and J.R.’s is another long-time local favorite hang out spot that’s open all day.  I’m pretty partial to white boys and they grow them on trees in Dallas for sure.  I used to fly in and out of Big D regularly when I was doing leadership development training for FedEx Office way back in the day.

I still have friends there and it was great to reconnect and visit my old stomping grounds.  I almost moved there back in 2007 to cut down on my travel time crisscrossing the country.  Now that I am an equal citizen in California and have the right to marry whoever I want I just don’t know if moving to Dallas is an option for me any more.  I just can’t see myself voluntarily becoming a second class citizen again.  If you ever get a chance to visit Dallas you should check out the gayborhood there and have some Texas fun.  :-)

Hat tip:  Photo taken from the upstairs balcony at J.R.’s Bar & Grill.


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