Michael Sam is officially a Cowboy

michael sam is officially a cowboyMichael Sam was officially signed to the practice squad for the Dallas Cowboys today.  This was a great move for Sam and an even better move for the Cowboys.  I wished we would have just snagged him off waivers over the weekend but it seems to be working out anyway.  You can watch the video of Coach Jason Garrett announcing the move that posted less than an hour ago on the Dallas Cowboys website.

With no other NFL team stepping up to pick up Sam, the Cowboys, who are in dire need on the defensive front, have made a good football move.  I know this will blow up in the media and I know this will get a lot of attention in the media.  As much as sports fans won’t want to hear this:  This really was a football move and I think it will be handled purely as a football move.  Obviously, Sam as a player brings a lot of social significance to NFL and the game of professional football.  He’ll need to prove himself on the field in order to make the cut.

The opportunity is clearly here for Sam.  Our best defensive player and potential pass rusher is on injured reserve for at least the 8 games.  Sean Lee is out for the season and our best cover man is out on a questionable drug suspension for the first 4 games of the year.  The beginning of the season is crucial this year because of all the gaps in our starting unit.  Outside of what our immediate needs might be, when you factor in the wear and tear of the season and the injury history of the Cowboys, it’s easy to see Michael Sam playing on national T.V. with a star on his helmet.

Go Cowboys!  :-)

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