Michael Sam to be a Cowboy?


Michael Sam to become a Dallas Cowboy? Probably.

After being cut by the St. Louis Rams, Sam is to report for a physical exam Wednesday, and if he passes, will be added to the Cowboy’s practice squad.

Not being much of a football fan (at least until now, guess who my favorite team may soon be), I don’t know anything about the intricacies of the game or the teams, but NFL.com says the Cowboys are in desperate straits (pun intended) on their defensive line, and Sam’s skills are apparently just what they need.

Won’t that just chap the hides of some of them good old boys down in the south? Yee haw!

Fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Michael Sam to be a Cowboy?”

  1. Jim! You should come up Sunday and watch season opener game. It’s the 1pm game so you have plenty of time to get up here. I’ll even let you stay inside the house this time and you can leave Monday or whatever. I’d love to teach you the game and I have binoculars so you can see the TV from the sofa. :-P

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