For The Love Of Bacon

Bacon Lube-Leaves You  Squealing With Pleasure
Bacon Lube-Leaves You
Squealing With Pleasure

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!  Everybody loves bacon (well almost everybody), and to add to our collection of sexual enjoyableness, I discovered this…

Get Hog Wet & Wild!
Get Hog Wet & Wild!

Boink N Oink, which may be the answer to continually refilling the collection, especially, if new life is needed in the bedroom ;).

So what else are bacon-crazed lovers supposed to do?  Take something you need, something you want, put them in a bottle, and squeeze.

The bacon-flavored lube (slogan: Get Hog Wet & Wild™!) supposedly “tastes like sweet, sizzlin’ bacon with no bitter aftertaste.” Does bacon have a bitter aftertaste?
It’s also, “silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, and [the] latex friendly formula is sure to have the bacon lover in your life squealing with pleasure.” They seem to be suggesting that all parties like bacon, which seems sensible, since this is lube, and lube goes everywhere.

The Boink N’ Oink website also advertises its product as kosher. It does not, however, say vegan, so until they introduce a “Now Vegan” version, this is probably not something to bring of your date eschews all animal products. Plus the smell of bacon is unlikely to make them swoon. You’ve been warned.

Over the last few years, bacon’s gone everywhere, in everything. Cupcakes, lip balm, soap, hot sauce, and candy. It was just a matter of time until it found its way into a bottle of the slick stuff.

We are not responsible for any accidents or gross-outs that occur with the the use of this (yes, it’s real) product.  Please be Bacon Safe!  (Never thought I’d be saying that)

h/t GMP



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