Video | How Not To React When Your Child Tells You He’s Gay

Depression by Pipsrose DeviantArt
Depression by Pipsrose

Yesterday, I discovered a video that seems to be making the web-rounds recently, which reveals how tragic this 20 year old’s life had become during a hidden camera conversation, on telling his parents that he was gay.  The reaction from the family, at least for me, was almost unbelievable, the screaming and physical violence can make it hard to watch. especially if events like this trigger emotions you wouldn’t want to relive at this time.  Please think about that before you hit the play button.

There has been some question of authenticity of the video, I say so what.  What is happening here, is that the subject is being brought to the table and being discussed.  I know for me, I had a lot of support from my family when I came out, however, I, like many of you, may know someone who’s coming out didn’t go so well, and may be still hurting today, as a result of it.  With all the conversation about depression and along with it, suicide lately, we have to take it upon ourselves to reach out where we can to our brothers and sisters to give them a hand or point them in the right direction.

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