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Starting this week, we are moving our direct email list.  This is going to be a big endeavor but it’s definitely time.  Our email list is just too big to continue to handle manually.  We have needed to go back to an opt-in email format for a while but testing different email systems just took longer than expected.  We’ve settled for now on Constant Contact for our direct email list needs and we’re super excited and motivated to get it all done so we can move on to migrating QL to the downloadable version of WordPress.

You can make the jump to the new private, direct email list here.  We will be resuming our once-a-week format that proved so successful with the old Queer Fresno and Wednesday will be the day we send it out.  We’ll be highlighting some great blogs on both QL and the new Queer Networks, highlighting great gay events, and touting some of our great staff, readers, partners, and sponsors.  We will also be sending out some great web coupons and Q-only discounts.

We’re super excited about the new list, it’s been long over due I know, and thanks for your patience.  Again, you can get on the new list here, and if you hurry, you won’t even miss the very first email that will go out this afternoon.  Just click on over, get on the list and get in the Q today.  Thanks for making us one of the coolest blogs on the interwebs and stay tuned for new news and updates about Queer Landia moving to the downloadable version of WordPress here in the next couple of weeks!


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