Violence of the Mind


When Sebastian Youngstrum (Ryan Kibby) meets the older, handsome Max Taymer, (Jon Fleming) a forbidden world awakens in the mind of the young man. Both Sebastian’s best-friend, Gina Claremore (Shoniqua Shandai) and Max’s best-friend Natalie (Jaclyn Marfuggi) know something has changed. With a growing feeling of distrust towards both men and a paranoid feeling that someone is stalking Sebastian, Gina and Natalie try to intervene. But it’s too late. Sebastian is in love with Max and will prove to him that they share the same violence of the mind.

Below is a video that was sent to me by one of the film stars:  Jon Fleming.  This is part movie trailer, part music video, and part creepy intense.  It might not be safe for work just to throw that out there.

This film is being shown at the Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival next month.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a gay film festival in Palm Springs but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me too much.  There is a crazy big gay community down there and a lot of retired queens who move south for the fun and the sun.  Who knows, maybe I’ll wind up down there when I’m ready to bask in the sun all day.  Here is some info below on the film festival next month.  You can click here to make the jump to their website.

palm springs gay film festival


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