Michael Sam update

michael sam first nfl sack

The first openly gay player in the NFL, drafted by the St. Louis Rams this summer, got his first sack of the season.  It came in the second half over the weekend in the preseason contest against the Green Bay Packers.  Way to go Michael Sam!

I’ve not been following this story like I should so I thought I’d post this blurb and put it on my radar.  Unfortunately, our trailblazing gay athlete is fighting for a job and make not even make the Rams final squad.  That would truly be a shame.  I’ve wondered how he’d fare in the NFL.  Watching some video footage of him he appears to me to be a bit undersized.  He might be fast but the negating factor in the NFL for college talent is that EVERYONE is fast at the pro level.  I really do hope that he gains a spot on an NFL roster this season.

If he doesn’t make the roster with the Rams maybe some other team will pick him up as there are plenty of defenses that need help.  I wouldn’t mind if my Dallas Cowboys picked him up if he gets cut in St. Louis.  What a great stage, and possible media platform, if he lands in Dallas and finds some competitive success on the field.  I don’t want any handouts or special considerations for Michael Sam just because he’s a pioneer.  I want him to be measured by the same standards that other rookies playing his position have been metered against.  After all, equality should cut both ways methinks.

Hat tip:  Huffington Post article

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