Portland’s Arena Football AWESOMENESS!

IMG_0052Football and lesbians. What a great combination! I’ve found that the stereotype is either really true, or not true at all.  There doesn’t seem to be much gray area with regard to football. I do know that I can’t get my gay boyfriends to even consider football (or, really, any sport), yet I know there are as many differences between gay people as there are among people in general.  There are football loving and hating straight people, gay people, males, females, etc.  There is also a reason there are stereotypes…if there weren’t some truth to it, there wouldn’t be a stereotype.

I have always loved football. It was always a way that I bonded with my Dad.  We would spend Sunday afternoons (and an occasional Monday night if they happened to be playing then) watching the Washington Redskins play, and I always wanted to see a game in person. We cheered them, got sad when they lost, yelled at the TV and got Redskin merchandise occasionally. When I moved away from home and moved to North Carolina, I fell in love with a team that was at the time a brand new team, the Carolina Panthers.  I have since moved away to Oregon and I am still a fan and still watch their games whenever they’re broadcast in my area (not often unless they’re having a good season-translation=not often!). Since moving here, I haven’t really fallen in love with a team, even though Seattle is the closest pro team.

Until now. Portland has a brand new arena football team, the Portland Thunder.  I had never seen an arena game before this season and always thought they were less than and not worthy of being called a pro team.  I was very wrong on both counts.  Arena football is fast paced and a whole lot of fun. After seeing my first game, I decided it’s like a combination of football, wrestling and hockey. These players might aspire to making it in the NFL, but they play HARD and have a lot of heart. I just saw part of a new series about the Portland Thunder at a special event for season ticket holders, and a quote stuck out…’Everyone is there because someone said no.” They play because they love the game, whether it’s in the backyard with their buddies, or on the field with their team. I’m sure there are those who only play because they want to be recognized and drafted by an NFL team, but it’s that passion that motivates them and makes them so much fun to watch. They are hungry for greatness and put all they have into each game. For me, it doesn’t really matter why they do it.

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