X-MEN Days Of Future Past gets an A from me

X-Men-Days-Of-Future-Past webified

I got to take in X-MEN Days Of Future Past over the weekend and I highly approve of this latest installment of the varied Mutant tales by Marvel.  This franchise has evolved, floundered, and flourished over the last decade but I think they are good ground and going in a right direction now.

I’m not a Marvel junkie and I don’t read or collect comics.  So my exposure to the world of Mutant land has been experience solely through Hollywood’s renditions and revisions of the series.  I’ve liked the recurring theme of people being born a certain way struggling with their own personal acceptance and the broader struggle of being accepted by society.  There isn’t a time when, at least once or twice, in the life of any GLBTQ person, that you don’t consider yourself a little bit of a freak of nature.  We are different from the norm and striving to fit in and be a part of the larger society on terms we can all and should accept is what draws me to this story line.

We are often feared and vilified by people who know us but we are also befriended and supported by many as well.  This latest installment gets an A from me.  I think the action flowed well and there are some great fight scenes in this flick.  I love the scene where Magneto moves an entire stadium lock, stock, and barrel and uses it to section off the White House.  That was super cool!  If there was one thing I didn’t like about the film I’d say the story lines and various outcomes that were affected by time travel was a little hard to follow.  I absolutely love watching Magneto and Xavier work together.  Mutants could have always accomplished more together than they ever could apart or fighting each other.  I wished the gay community would learn and practice this more.

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