The Impossible Shot

I will admit I’m not usually much of a basketball fan. I haven’t been watching the Blazers all my life or all season and I am jumping on the bandwagon now that they are in the playoffs. But for some reason I have been intrigued by the Portland Trailblazers and have actually watched a game or two for the first time since I was a kid. Maybe it’s the excitement of having mass hysteria over our local team that’s doing great. Maybe it’s something to share with my partner, who enjoys basketball much more than my favorite, football. I drag her to football games including those of our arena football team, Portland Thunder. But regardless of the cause, I have really been getting into watching the Blazers.

Last night, we were scheduled to go to one of the plays in our subscription, Showboat. This was during the deciding game of the Blazers playoff series. Since I haven’t been a basketball fan, I wasn’t terribly upset by this, but I did check the score after the play was over. And I was lucky enough to get the game on my phone (don’t you love technology?!) just in time to see this:

How incredible is that? Less than a second on the clock at the final game of the playoff series and he makes it!! I can’t imagine a more dramatic ending.

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