National Animal Crackers Day

NEWAnimal-Crackers_lgWe all know that today is Good Friday. Happy Good Friday! Now let turn our attention to another holiday today. Even though it is not printed on every calendar it is still a nice holiday to observe.

” Animal Crackers in my soup…. monkeys and rabbits loop da loop…”

Animal Crackers were brought to the US in the late 1800’s. il_570xN.248963834Straffer’s was the first to produce the tasty little joys of goodness and then Nabisco hopped on board in 1902 and thus the Barnum’s Circus was born. Did you know that 37 animals have been added to the “circus” since 1903?

animal crackers originalBarnum’s  Animal Crackers have been my favorite since I was little. I even had a Barnum’s circus bank that my dad made me out the the tin that the animal crackers came in.

Grab a box of animal crackers today , savor the sweet goodness of the cookies and count how many different animals are in the box ! Frosted or not. =) If you sing the song its loads of sweet fun.

Whenever, I enjoy my animal crackers; I have to sing the song since I was a little girl. (My Granddad and I loved watching Shirley Temple movies together.) Here are the words to that song… Cheers!


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