I totally disagree with Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan, founder and editor of The Dish, made an appearance on Comedy Central and did an interview with Stephen Colbert.  While I have a lot of respect for Andrew Sullivan and all that he’s accomplished as an out gay man I think he’s got it wrong about the resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla.

You can watch the video clip below for yourself and make up your own mind but Mr. Sullivan believes that pressure the gay community put on Eich to resign because of his support of Proposition 8 was an overreach and personal persecution.  I completely disagree.  Brendan Eich and his support (and monetary donation) to Prop 8 was just not a “personal political choice” by a company employee.  Eich was CEO of a major, high-profile San Francisco based organization.  You cannot support in spirit and with your pocketbook laws and organizations that promote discrimination and inequality.  Period.  That’s the end of the discussion and the long and short of it.  Supporting legislation that takes people’s rights away is UnAmerican and there should be consequences and bad PR and backlash for that.

I am personally proud that he decided to resign. I think it sends a clear message that bigotry in California will not be tolerated, especially at the leadership level.  While I agree with Andrew Sullivan that we shouldn’t make personal political choices the basis for firing people or forcing them to resign that simply doesn’t apply to Eich.  He is free to vote to the next anti-gay-marriage candidate or Republican conservative nut job.  He is free to hold whatever personal belief he wants but when he actively supports laws that take away or discriminate against one particular segment of society he disqualifies himself from certain opportunities.  That’s what happened here and I think the public outcry was justified.

I couldn’t get the embed video to work so here is a link to where you can watch the interview.

4 thoughts on “I totally disagree with Andrew Sullivan”

  1. As do so many people, Sullivan misconstrues the First Amendment to offer freedom to speak without consequences. And that is simply wrong. The Constitution guarantees our right to speak without interference from THE GOVERNMENT. Period. Mr Eich was free to support Prop 8, and no government has interfered with his right to do so. On the other hand, his fellow citizens, the public, the marketplace, his customers… we are (equally) free to make known our displeasure, to take our business elsewhere and to make sure everyone else knows what a douchebag he is. Our Constitutional system of rights with responsibilities has worked perfectly and as intended in this situation. Andrew Sullivan needs to spend a little more time understanding what is constitutionally protected, and what is not.



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