For those of you who don’t know what the term means in our world.  Bugchasers are guys who intentionally seek out HIV positive sex partners in the hope of contracting the virus.  It’s confounding, confusing, and disconcerting…all at the same time.

I saw an ad on Adam4Adam this week and it really caught me off guard, again.  I had a similar experience a few years ago when I read the term, Googled it, and almost fell out of my chair.  HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is a pandemic that has destroyed and damaged millions of lives all over the world.  It’s a disease to be avoided, not a novelty to be pursued.

I just don’t understand the thought process or the fascination.  What type of self loathing, self-destructive, self-deprecating lunacy does someone have to possess to want this disease?  What kind of person desires or wishes to have cancer or leukemia?  Not a healthy one I can tell you that.

9 thoughts on “Bugchasers”

  1. Stephen Fry made a documentary a couple of years ago where he was invited to a ‘gifting’ party; which is pretty much the same thing. We’re currently pulling together a piece on this practice and hopefully going to interview a couple of people about their motivations. It’s VERY hard to remain impartial. Barry


    1. Keep us posted. I’ve actually thought about interviewing the lad I came across who self-identified as one. I have to admit though, I’m a afraid of what I’d be getting into.


  2. I had no idea that this even existed. To play roulette is one thing but to seek out this kind of mindset so horrible is another. Very sad.



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