Hard at work


Many of you don’t know this but Nate works on QL week in and week out and has done so ever since he moved to the Bay Area back in 2009.  He’s definitely my right hand man and I couldn’t do all the things I do without him.

It’s been awesome to see him mature and grow into his leadership role.  It’s been awesome to see his writing and blogging mature as well.  He’s carving out his own voice and his own stamp on this project and when we go live with the new QN he’ll have an even greater leadership role.

Thanks Nate for all that you do and I’m looking forward to working through our challenges and some of our plans for upgrading Project Q and more of what we do in 2014.  If you are out there in Queer Landia and want to get more involved just let us know.  We are always looking for more contributors.

3 thoughts on “Hard at work”

  1. Nate is the bestest!!!! He is such a hard worker in everything he does. His dedication and integrity shows. Nate is most admirable and I appreciate him :)



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