Support for Grayson.


9 year old Grayson loves My Little Pony! So much so, that he requested a MLP lunchbox for school. Just a few days into carrying it, he began being bullied by classmates- calling him names, telling him to kill himself, and more.

When Grayson’s parents approached the school for help they blamed the parents for letting him have the lunch box. The school has done nothing to curtail the bullying. One school official made it a point to tell Grayson this was his mother’s was wrong for letting him have the lunchbox! The Superintendent’s office is supporting the school and is not taking any action calling the lunch box a trigger for the bullying.

Lets stand with Grayson by showing support! Head over and give his page a like and let him know we stand with him against bullying!

You can like his FB page here and show him some love and support -

- Khoa Sinclair

6 thoughts on “Support for Grayson.”

  1. Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer World News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    What’s with the Brony bullying? According to an HLN interview he is now being home schooled because the school claims his backpack is a trigger. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Blaming the victim is not a solution, it’s part of the problem. If you want to know more about Bronies head over to Netflix and watch the Brony documentary.


      1. Your right it is ridiculous. This is a show loved by many boys and men as well as girls and women. I am a bit of a Brony myself much to the delight of my friend who loves telling people she knows a Brony. The show’s strength is that it teaches lessons about empathy and friendship which everyone can benefit from.


    1. Why didn’t mom just protect her child by just saying no in the first place? This whole thing could have been avoided if a lazy parent would have done her job instead of relying on someone else to protect her child. This is just like hanging a fresh Porterhouse steak around this childs neck because he really really wanted it, sending him out into a pack of hyenas, and then be absolutely shocked that this kid would be attacked! Common sense people! Use your brain for something other than keeping your ears apart! Try being a caring, protective parent who would do anything to protect your child instead of relying on someone else to do your job!!


  2. I can’t do FaceBook, for certain reasons … but this story really touched me. You never fully recover from bullying, that’s the horror of it … and the crime of it. Mockery stays inside your heart like a canker. The best thing for someone who’s been bullied (and I speak as the Former Principal of one of the best schools in America) is to discuss the ways in which we deal with the effects: it will always hurt, but that’s true of many things, often more important things. Mockery will grow like a canker, but it provides you with powerful insight and the ability to stop it from happening to anyone else. Sorry. I didn’t mean to write so much. It’s Tom Janus, he makes me do it!



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