Women are like tea bags

So I emailed myself this fragment to my QL inbox because I heard a joke or a funny one-liner that started, “Women are like tea bags…”  For the life of me I can’t remember the joke!  I saw it on TV or maybe in a movie house which is why I emailed it myself so I could post it later.  But alas, too much time has passed and I’ve lost it.  Nate came up with this thought so I thought I’d post it…

The venerable Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

Women are like tea bags.  You don’t know how strong they are until you put them hot water.

I know this isn’t the quote, quip, or joke I heard a few weeks ago but it’ll do for my Sunday post!  It’s commonly accepted now that Eleanor Roosevelt was, in fact, a lesbian.  Her family over the years has fought to conceal that in the courts but it’s true.  She even had a “special friend” whom she cared deeply for and said so in letters live in the White House for a period of time.  How cool is that?

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