Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I watched this documentary recently and have to say it inspired me. It’s about Joe Cross. a guy who has chronic health conditions and decides, after trying many other ways to treat it, to try a 60 day juice fast to try to cure it. I don’t know about you, but a week of juice seems like a very long time to me. He was desperate to repair his health and lose weight, so he went on this juice fast (with regular medical supervision). He had been a junk food eater and so this was a major change for him. He decided he wanted to see if the body could heal itself, similar to the way it does when you have a cut.

Since he made a documentary about it, you can probably guess that he was successful.  He lost a lot of weight, got off steroids and his skin condition is no more. He also went around the country talking to other people about juicing and inspired others to give it a try as well, though NOT for 60 days.

I tried juicing years ago and liked it but didn’t stick with it. The juicer was a pain to clean and it took too much time, so I gave it a not so valiant effort and soon the juicer was taking up space in my garage. This movie helped me get back into juicing, though I had to buy a new juicer, because I couldn’t even find the old one. No worries, though, because the new one is MUCH easier to clean and works better. I find an odd pleasure in finding the right combination of vegetables and fruits to make a good tasting, healthy juice (and I am NOT a fan of cooking at all), and even enjoy preparing the produce to be juiced. It makes me feel good to know I am finally getting some healthy stuff in my body, because I am the worst vegetarian you will ever meet. Because of this, I would be very unlikely to sit down and eat what was in my juice this morning: 3 celery stalks, 2 apples, half a bag of kale, half a lemon, and some fresh ginger. For me, it just isn’t going to happen. But I WILL drink a glass of it (and it tastes really good, by the way).

Will I keep up with it this time? No idea. But I know I want to, and I’m not getting any younger (or thinner!).

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