Red State in Favor of Gay Marriage


A red state which just had some drama surrounding their “right to discriminate” bill is showing support for gay marriage. According to a poll conducted this recent Tuesday, 66 percent of Arizona residents disapproved of the anti gay law. Only 22 percent (which is too many in my opinion) showed support for the bill.

It was also found that 49 percent approved gay marriage as a right and should be given to gay couples in the state of Arizona. 41 percent disapproved while 10 percent were undecided. These results are the first time Public Policy Polling has seen favor in such fields.


While the numbers are not extremely high its great to see a shift in ideals. Times are certainly changing and the right to marry is inevitable, weather you like it or not.

You can find the survey and its results at the link below.

- Khoa Sinclair

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