The Need to Know for Str8 Folks


A lot of straight people have a blurred vision of what gay people are all about, and coming from a small midwest city, as I do, where it’s very apparent, even at the university, where the language of diversity is often spoke, so many people are just unaware.  Moving along, I ran across an article, which can answer some of the questions, when a straight person wants to impress his gay friends of how much he knows of the LBGT community.

1. Scissoring

Ok, it’s not so much that we desperately want you to know this, it’s more that we want you to stop asking us about it. Scissoring, while not as popular as your precious lesbian porn would have you believe, is nonetheless a real thing. It involves two ladies, one of whom is rubbing her clit on her partner. If the laws of physics are on your side, then both parties’ clits will touch, but in reality you’re more likely to hit a thigh, stomach, or Albuquerque. Scissoring can also go by tribadism, which is Greek for “Stop rubbing your junk on the good china, Sandra!” and can involve a multitude of positions, like legs intertwined, good ol’ missionary, and the new “Blue Is the Warmest Color” favorite, Reverse Anxious Crabwalk.

2. Queer

Queer used to be an insult leveraged at homos (or anyone who seemed “peculiar”). In fact, the Google definition still claims its meaning is “informal, derogatory.” But nowadays queer is more likely used as an umbrella term to mean anyone who identifies outside of mainstream sexual or gender norms. According to PFLAG, queer can even apply to “the straight ally who marches during Pride, the Republican lesbian, the person who highly values queer theory concepts and would rather not identify with any particular label, the gender fluid bisexual, the gender fluid heterosexual, the questioning GLBT person, and the person who just doesn’t feel like they quite fit into societal norms and wants to bond with a community over that.”

Ironically, there are a few on this list that I wasn’t aware of, and to read it, go to Alternet and see Anna Pulley’s post.


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