Gov. Jan Brewer Vetos SB1062

"Some people choose to conform ~ others stand out by choice and excel"
“Some people choose to conform ~ others stand out by choice and excel”

Finally, something I can agree with the governor on.  Last night Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062, of which she had been avoiding for the last several days.  Now, I do question whether it was her moral conscience or more likely the tremendous outside pressure she was under, to do what she did, as was blogged by Nate two days ago.  Regardless of the circumstances, on this particular issue, she did stand out, make a choice, and did excel.

For more on this topic, you can go to Politico

6 thoughts on “Gov. Jan Brewer Vetos SB1062”

  1. But the fact of the bill and the passing of the bill does not go away … it is forever a part of American history, and that is ever so sad. To even suggest that people can be objectified is horrifying. I prefer the French Republic, which is resolutely secular and allows for nothing religious in public. Religion in France, at least theoretically, is a private matter that does not concern the state … and vice versa.


    1. I agree Mark, and in addition, the out of step Republicans who voted for this bill will carry this as part of their legacy. As for the extreme religious right, they’re continuing to loose ground, and I couldn’t be happier.



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