Chris Kluwe on CNN, “I made sure that I had witnesses”


Yesterday Chris Kluwe spoke with Anderson Cooper on CNN and Chris Hayes of MSNBC discussing the allegations he made that he was fired for being pro-LGBT.  know he doesn’t look the most professional with the beanie on, however it’s apart of the Principle 6 Campaign, and yesterday it was -12 degrees Fahrenheit (-24 Celisus) in Minnesota.  I think we can let that slide.

Watch the video of Kluwe on CNN after the jump.

And here’s the link to Kluwe on All In with Chris Hayes pretty much re-iterating what he said during the CNN interview.

If during the investigation it shakes out Kluwe was right, this is a huge deal. Expect more updates as the story unfolds.

3 thoughts on “Chris Kluwe on CNN, “I made sure that I had witnesses””

      1. Yeah, real bummer, the Packers. Slept-walk through the first quarter, and let the Niners march down the field at the end. What’s the point of Packer weather?!?



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