A day of roses

rosey weddingYesterday was the 100th anniversary of the “granddaddy of them all” Rose Bowl.  It was also the 125 anniversary of the famed Rose Parade.  I’ve been following the Stanford Cardinals this year because they are a Bay Area team and their football program has really stepped up to national prominence over the last 5 years.  The Rose Parade caught my attention because yesterday marked the first gay wedding!

First let me say that I was very disappointed in the performance Stanford turned in against Michigan St.  I thought the players battled and I thought there were just enough big plays to win the game.  I think the coaching staff, specifically the play calling, really hurt their chances to pull this one out.  I  thought they stuck with the run a little too much when it was obvious they weren’t going to smash-mouth them at the line of scrimmage as easily as they did other opponents this year.  They didn’t stretch the field enough, again play calling, and what was anyone thinking on that 4th and 1?  The decision to try to “sneak” one to the blocking back?  That was just stupid idea that had no chance of working and in fact played into the strength and teeth of the Michigan St. defense.  I was appalled that’s how a great season ended for Stanford.

Progress continued yesterday on the gay marriage front as the Rose Parade gave host to its first-ever same-sex ceremony.  What a great idea and what a great symbolic step for California and the movement of equality.  The Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade are one of the most treasured and time-honored traditions in all of Southern California.  What a great idea and kudos to the parade organizers, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (who sponsored the float and held a contest for the ceremony), and of course the happy couple.  Our love and relationships, as well as our recent legal victories, need to be celebrated and commemorated.  Our love will never be an equal love if we don’t stand up and memorialize it like everybody else.  We’ve had nationally televised proposals before in big college games why not celebrate gay couples too?

This was a ground-breaking, unapologetic, and positive step and symbol for the Cause.  ABC apparently didn’t air any coverage of the event and NBC only casually mentioned the “ceremony” and made no reference to the fact that the couple was gay or of its historical significance.  I’m not bothered because the wedding happened and it did get a lot of coverage on Facebook, online news outlets, and blogs.  It even drew a paltry, ineffective boycott from some right-wing haters.  None of that mattered to the parade organizers, to their credit, as they publicly defended their position to include the float and the ceremony.  They said the wedding fit in with the theme of the parade this year:  Dreams Come True.

Indeed they do.  For gay couples in California?  Indeed they have.

5 thoughts on “A day of roses”

  1. I was at work during the parade, so I didn’t see anything about it. This is such a cool story that deserves more attention than it is receiving.

    What a triumphant day for equality and a profound gesture on the first day of a New Year!



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