2014 | Resolutions if any consider this one.

love_is_love_by_joseljl-d6sp4cw11082013_0440Wow, another year has passed, and for the most part, the partying is over.  I had a good time New Years Eve, with a small group of friends, we welcomed in the new year.  In one part of the evening we did get into a discussion about sex (what else do 6 college aged guys talk about?), and with that came the topic of AIDS and HIV.  I found it incredible, that a few of them had a very casual attitude toward the topic, and what I questioned was why?

Considering, that after 30 plus years of work being done to either slow down or eliminate the virus that leads to AIDS altogether.  No doubt, much progress has been made, however in the last 15-16 years, new infections has held at about 50,000 per year, and it’s estimated that 1.2 million people have HIV.

Now, I’m not a scientist, a lot of what I’ve learned and have had

Truvada by Gilead Science
Truvada by Gilead Science

called to my attention, has been thru here at Q/L and it’s partnered sites.  I also know 2 people in my city who have aids, and it’s prevalent enough here to warrant it’s own areas of treatment and live-in facility.  I’m also aware of a drug called Truvada made by Gilead Sciences, and when used with condoms, is an affective approach for prevention, also known as PrEP

Follow_the_rainbow_by_megandawneNow, back to my friends, as the conversation got deeper, neither of them new anyone with the virus, which I think, sadly, can make a difference in terms of awareness and urgency, plus their use of condoms was sketchy at best.  I also am aware that the drug is pretty pricey and some guys don’t want to have that kind of attention either, but condoms, come on guys condoms?  It’s the least you can do for yourself and for your sexual partner.

So, if you do or don’t normally make New Years Resolutions and you’re sexually active, make this one, practice safe sex!

More info from CDC

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