Liberal lion Olbermann hitting reset at ESPN

Sometimes I think I am a bad gay sports fan.  Lol.  I try not to feel too bad because I’m really busy these days and it’s hard to keep sports on my radar like I used to.  As many of you know, liberal giant Keith Olbermann was bounced (again) from MSNBC a while back, no wait, that was Current, no wait, anyway.  I realized Oblermann had returned to ESPN a few weeks ago when I got an NFL preview show he was doing and I just got done watching his holiday special.  Apparently he as a regular late night show that broadcasts every weekday at 11pm E.T.  I hope this a good, healthy move for him…

Sometimes you have to just stop what you’re doing, take inventory, and then make an estimate about how best to proceed.  Olbermann left amidst fireworks and acrimony from his first tenure at ESPN back in 1997.  He’s left under bad and dramatic circumstances from MSNBC and after a very brief stint at Current TV.  Olbermann is a highly energetic and highly passionate talent that has a particular gift for illuminating and liberal commentary. Unfortunately he has a nasty vain streak and an ego the size of Gov. Christie.  I really appreciated his show at MSNBC proceeding the The Rachel Maddow Show and I was disappointed to hear all the ugly things he did and said to staff and colleagues and superiors.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out tonight that Olbermann has been back at ESPN since July.  I haven’t heard about any fireworks and I hope that’s a good sign of things to come.  I really liked what he said when he came back on board:

 “I’m overwhelmed by the chance to begin anew with ESPN. I’ve been gone for 16 years and not one day in that time has passed without someone connecting me to the network. Our histories are indelibly intertwined and frankly I have long wished that I had the chance to make sure the totality of that story would be a completely positive one. I’m grateful to friends and bosses — old and new — who have permitted that opportunity to come to pass. I’m not going to waste it.”

I think Olbermann became a brand of its own during his five years at ESPN between 1992 and 1997.  That lead to and set up bigger and better things for him without a doubt.   With all the tumult in his resignations and departures I hope this is an emotional and professional “reset” for this liberal lion.  I hope he does well and I hope he regains some balance in his commentating life.  He’s too good, and too bright, and too needed to wind up in broadcasting purgatory.  I’m afraid if he doesn’t pull it all together during this chapter of his career he might not every regain the luster of his brand.

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One thought on “Liberal lion Olbermann hitting reset at ESPN”

  1. It IS good to have Olbermann back!

    One thing to consider, btw: unsourced and anonymous gossip about how he supposedly treated subordinates must be weighed against the fact that assistants, including producers, have gone with Olbermann from one network to another and consider him a peach to work for. One guy in particular worked with him at ESPN the first time around; that’s how far back their working relationship goes. So be skeptical of anyone who doesn’t want to identify himself when he hits the blogs with a horror story about a celebrity; chances are he has an agenda that’s even BIGGER than Chris Christie! :-)



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