The future of gay marriage?

Steve Kornacki - MSNBC
Steve Kornacki – MSNBC

I was watching “Up w/ Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC early this morning, and being that it’s near the year-end, it was an interesting recap as to how far marriage has come for the gay community.  Not saying it was easy, but I think, going forward, we’ll see tougher hurdles to be able to reach the ultimate goal of the freedom to marry in all of the United States.

More on this plus video after the jump…

I have to hand it to MSNBC, for having Brian (slime ball) Brown  on the show, for unlike Faux News, to present the other side on the subject.  Of course, as usual, he couldn’t give a straight answer.

Watch the video, and if you want, share your thoughts in the comment section…

The Future of Gay Marriage in one poll.

One thought on “The future of gay marriage?”

  1. As we savor the gaining marriage equality here in New Mexico I do look to our East and West and see red states where marriage equality is still a ways off and with the exception of Utah all states now with marriage equality are blue states in the last national election. So we will probably pick up Oregon next year, after that marriage equality will slowly come to red states. However as legal challenges in Utah, Virginia, etc. work their way through the courts you may find either the Supreme Court making marriage equality legal everywhere or simply refuse to take on cases leaving the appeals court decisions intact which will slowly add red states depending on the makeup of the different courts. So I think in 10 – 15 years we will see marriage equality in most if not all of America.



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