Confessions and Thoughts of a Giftaholic

As the days inch towards Christmas, I ponder on what to give for gifts. I want the gift to be meaningful yet have a bit o’ fun to make them personal. I know, I know its the thought that counts. I was talking with a colleague the other day and the question was “how much thought can one put into a gift(s)?” No need to fret because…. Here are some suggestions for gifting this holiday and maybe the unbirthdays or “just cuz” days….

Gift Cards- Yes ,I know boring yet practical but giving a gift card is always a good idea especially if you know where the person likes to shop . You can jazz up this piece of plastic by pairing it with their favorite candy or a sweet handwritten card.

Gift Baskets – You can be soooo creative with a cool looking basket. Even if you do not know the person, putting together a gift basket is simple. The key to a good gift basket is themes. Themes narrow down the selection of items to put in the basket. Movies, Spa, Candy, a Hobby ,Coffee, and Cooking are some themes that can be used to make a simple onesy twosy  item basket or an elaborate basket.

Lastly, Baked Goods – Roll up your sleeves, put an apron on, make yourself a tasty beverage and put some good tunes on. So baked goods, ah yes, anything from a cookies to candies , cake to tarts is a brilliant way to spread some cheer to family or friends. Such a meaningful present to give because it is made with love.

Now, a little insight to M, I absolutely love giving gifts! It does not even have to be a special occasion. The thought of doing something special for a family member or friend makes me giddy. I anticipate with joy when someone is about to receive a gift. It does not necessarily have to be a gift I have given to them; although I love it when it is mine =p .  Just to see the persons reaction is priceless and fulfilling.

With that said,  gift giving can be fun , easy, and simple without breaking your piggy bank.

May this insightful advice of a procrastinating Giftaholic be of some use to you.  Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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